ROBIN HOOD “Ducking and Diving” (S02E05) – Preview Clip Video

Are you still loving this season of ROBIN HOOD? I know I am.

This Saturday, May 31, at 9pm we are getting a whole new episode, “Ducking and Diving,” on BBC America.

Robin suspects that he has a spy in his camp, which he does. Unfortunately for me, I really liked Allan last season and I am still upset he betrayed the gang. Nothing good can come out of this if Robin finds out about him betraying them. This episode could be life changing.

And since Saturday is still a few days away, we are happy to give you a sneak peek at the new episode.

Synopsis: “Ducking and Diving” – A horrified Robin discovers that his plan to capture the Sheriff’s spy, Henry of Lewes, failed because of a traitor in his gang. Fearing for Marian’s safety in the castle, Robin needs to find out who is betraying him. His only clue is supplied by Marian – the spy sells his secrets to Gisbourne at the Trip to Jerusalem Inn. With two missions to complete Robin is relieved when Henry of Lewes arrives at the castle unconscious, his vital information about the King’s landing sites remaining a mystery. Robin infiltrates the castle to silence Henry and is helped by a wise-woman Matilda, who is tasked by the Sheriff to nurse Henry to health. Asking Robin to look after her heavily pregnant daughter, Matilda promises that she’ll silence Henry using special herbs. The Sheriff makes the connection with Robin and Matilda’s life is in danger. Robin returns to the forest with Matilda’s daughter, to a confused and hurt gang – they resent being suspected of treachery. Marian arrives at the camp on a horse, reporting that Matilda is about to be tried for witchcraft. Can Robin trust his gang to save the lives at stake and also silence Henry? There is a spy in his gang who needs catching before the day is out.

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Watch the preview clip video below.