Early Review: HBO Films’ RECOUNT


I was able to take an early look at HBO’s new original movie, RECOUNT, which airs on Sunday, May 25, at 9pm on HBO, and you can also catch it on May 26 at 9pm.

I thought it was a very interesting and insightful film, and just the fact that it is HBO should already be an indication of its high quality.

The Story: Recount takes a look into the story behind the 2000 presidential election in Florida and the fight that determined who would become the 43rd President of the United States. What I think fascinated me about Recount is that you see the other side of the process. What we did see on TV was whatever the press was covering, but Recount goes behind-the-scenes and gives you a whole new understanding of that event. The story is told in such a clear and interesting way, that I found myself totally absorbed by it.

The Cast and Crew: Not only is Recount a great story, it has a great cast and crew. Written by Danny Strong, directed by Jay Roach (“Meet The Parents” & “Austin Powers”) and executive produced by Paula Weinstein, Len Amato, Syndey Pollack, and Jay Roach, Recount was in good hands right from the beginning.

As for the cast, Kevin Spacey portrays Ron Klain, Vice President Al Gore’s former chief of staff, and as you can probably guess, Kevin Spacey plays his part perfectly (come to think of it, has he ever done a bad performance?).

Tom Wilkinson portrays James Baker III, who was previously Secretary of State to President George H. W. Bush. Another brilliant performance from Tom Wilkinson, whom you might have seen most recently in “Michael Clayton.”

Denis Leary portrays Michael Whouley, national field director during the Gore campaign. Another great actor that brings so much to the film.

Laura Dern portrays Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State. Laura Dern is amazing in this part.

Bob Balaban portrays Ben Ginsberg, national counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign in the 2000 election.

John Hurt portrays Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State to President Bill Clinton.

Bruce McGill portrays Republican lobbyist Mac Stipanovich.

Ed Begley, Jr. portrays attorney David Boies, who represented the Gore campaign before the Supreme Court.

As you can tell, this is a very strong cast and it shows. They bring this whole story alive and it’s almost just worth watching to see all of them interact.


Overall: HBO strikes again, this is another one of their great original movies. It is smart, well written, well acted and overall very instructing. My favorite scene of the movie is the one between Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary’s characters as they joke about how they’re not even sure if they even like Al Gore that much. In the midst of the battle, this scene felt so true to me, and gave you a new outlook on the matter. Maybe I am biased because I just love HBO Films in general, but this is a great one to watch on Sunday night.

So don’t forget to tune in and watch Recount on Sunday, May 25, at 9pm on HBO.