Review: AMERICAN IDOL “Finale” – And the winner is…

American Idol - David Cook & David Archuleta

Wow, what a night! But before I talk about it, I would like to say that this was my favorite AMERICAN IDOL finale so far, I barely fast-forwarded through it.

During the opening performance, the So You Think You Can Dance people were back! Which is perfect timing since So You Think You Can Dance premieres tonight.

The first song that the two Davids sang together, “Hero,” was AMAZING, they should release that, are you kidding me?!!

Watch the performance below:

American Idol - Seal & Syesha Mercado

The other performance I really enjoyed was the Seal and Syesha performance. Watch it below:

And then Donna Summers and all the girls took the stage, that was really fun too. Watch the video below.

American Idol - Bryan Adams

OMG this finale rocks! Are you kidding me, Bryan Adams songs, I’m in Heaven! (pun not intended) And having Bryan Adams there is the cherry on the cake, I love him!

I know this stint from Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. was in order to promote their movie, Tropic Thunder, but the Gladys Knight and her new pips video was hilarious! Check it out below.

And David Cook took the stage with ZZ Top for another performance. Watch it below.

It was time for David Archuleta’s to perform with One Republic, and once again you can watch it below.

And so as the night went on, I become more and more excited to find out who the winner was, but then, and I cannot believe this, my DVR cut out the end of the episode off just as Ryan Seacrest was saying “and the winner is…” OMG! Thank God for YouTube, that’s all I have to say.

American Idol - David Cook

And DAVID COOK is the winner of American Idol! Yay! And you know what, the winner’s song this year is not too bad. Go David Cook!

Watch David Cook win below, over and over and over… over again!

Check out videos from the other artists that performed last night:

The Jonas Brothers

Carrie Underwood

Jordin Sparks