The Andromeda Strain

On May 26 and 27th, get ready for an amazing event on A&E, as they premiere their original 4-hour movie, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN over two-nights.

I have seen the movie and it is a MUST-WATCH. Based on the book by Michael Crichton (and if you are a fan you are going to love it), The Andromeda Strain follows a group of scientists, the “Wildfire” team, as they try to find a cure for a disease they code-name Andromeda. The Andromeda originated from a U.S. military satellite that crashes in the small town of Piedmont, where it kills everyone in town, but two people. And so as they race against the clock, the “Wildfire” team will have to figure out what Andromeda is and how to kill it, before it spreads and kills everyone.

The story: It’s never easy to translate a book into the screen, but The Andromeda Strain does a great job. It was able to include the details from the book, as well as keep the excitement you get when you read it. In the movie, the story unfolds at a great pace and it is able to really expand as much as needed on every character’s story. Even though it is a 4-hour movie, it didn’t feel like that at all. Plus they will only show 2-hours each night, so that might help if the thought of watching four-hours in a row doesn’t appeal to you.

The Andromeda Strain

The Cast: The Andromeda Strain has a very strong cast, who have great chemistry with each other.

Benjamin Bratt plays Dr. Jeremy Stone, who creates the “Wildfire” lab project and leads the team of scientists working on Andromeda.
Eric McCormack plays Jack Nash, a journalist trying to uncover the truth about Andromeda, while dealing with his addiction. By the way, this is a great performance from him, he was my favorite character of the movie.
Rick Schroder plays Major Bill Keene, who is a virologist from the Army’s Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, and part of the “Wildfire” team.
Andre Braugher plays General George Mancheck, a U.S. Army Biochemical Research officer who assembles the “Wildfire” team.
Christa Miller plays Dr. Angela Noyce, a surgeon, exobiologist and specialist in tropical and exotic diseases, and another person on the “Wildfire” team.
Daniel Dae Kim plays Dr. Tsi Chou, a microbiologist who once served as the premiere biological weapons designer for the Chinese government and now is a U.S.-based bio-terrorism consultant. He is also part of the “Wildfire” team.
Viola Davis plays Dr. Charlene Barton, a pathologist formerly of the Centers for Disease Control now at the San Francisco health department. She is the fifth and final member of the “Wildfire” team.

The Andromeda Strain

Overall: After I finished watching The Andromeda Strain, my first thought was, why wasn’t this released at the theater? The quality is so high that I forgot it was a TV movie. I actually saw Eric McCormack on Conan O’Brian last night and he was saying that The Andromeda Strain was the blockbuster of the summer (for TV I am assuming), and I have to agree with him.
And for the final bonus, The Andromeda Strain is brought to you by Ridley and Tony Scott. Now that’s a great team.

Don’t forget to watch The Andromeda Strain on A&E on May 26 at 9pm for Part 1 and on May 27 at 9pm for Part 2.