The Bill Engvall Show

Yesterday I spent the day on the set of three of TBS’ shows, including Frank TV, The Bill Engvall Show, and My Boys along with other members of the press. Apart from being a really great and fun day, we were able to gather some information about the new season of each show.

Starting with THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW, which premieres on June 12 at 9pm on TBS.

First of all I would like to start by saying that Bill Engvall is a great stand-up comedian and that if you haven’t checked out his show yet, you should.

On to our set visit of The Bill Engvall Show. When we arrived on the set, the cast was rehearsing a scene for a future episode. They of course took a break to come and say hello, and let me tell you, they are the nicest people. Bill Engvall gave us a tour of the set and you could tell how happy and proud he was about the show, he even got me excited about it.

Some of the sets that were added included a basketball court, which is going to appear in the episode they were filming this week (apparently there is going to be a face off between Bill and Trent), a nail salon for some mother/daughter bonding between Susan and Lauren, and finally we will get our first look at Lauren’s bedroom this season.

Once the tour was over, we sat down to chat with Bill Engvall (Bill Pearson), Nancy Travis (Susan Pearson), Tim Meadows (Paul DuFrayne), Jennifer Lawrence (Lauren Pearson), Graham Patrick Martin (Trent Pearson), and Skyler Gisondo (Bryan Pearson).

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

The new season is going to be even funnier than it was last year, especially now that everybody is more comfortable with their characters. For example, Bill Engvall mentioned an episode which features a story about Susan always picking bad anniversary gifts for Bill.

We talked about some of the reasons for the success of the show, and they explain it as being a result of their trying to find what is real in their family portrayal. In addition, The Bill Engvall Show is, as they put it, “dirty without profanity,” which appeals to people.

Apart from that, what really struck me about the cast is how much of a family they really are. Bill Engvall is definitely a father figure for the cast, which definitely helps in making each episode more credible.

Overall, this was a great experience and the cast and crew were very welcoming. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more from the second season of The Bill Engvall Show, which premieres June 12 at 9pm on TBS.

And to finish, I would like to share one final fun fact, when asked whether he was tired to see his name everywhere, Bill Engvall, after taking a moment to think, just honestly answered “no,” and that’s why we love him!

We will have a review up later on for the second season of The Bill Engvall Show, so keep an eye out for it.

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