Review: ONE TREE HILL “What Comes After The Blues” (S05E18)

Sophia Bush as Brooke, Chad Michael Murray as Lucas

Well, the night started off nicely for the last episode of ONE TREE HILL, “What Comes After The Blues,” with Gavin DeGraw singing the opening song with Jackson Brundage (Jamie). It made me love the song all over again.

And I’d like to first say: “I told you so!” Didn’t I say that they would end with Lucas calling someone on the phone and us not finding out who he called?! Man, I’m good, or maybe I’ve seen this type of ending done so much that nothing surprises me anymore.

Other than that the episode was ok, nothing too exciting. Brooke had to give the baby back, Mouth quit his job after proving he was who they were looking for, and Lucas was still struggling with the same issues.

One thing that I did not see coming right away was Dan getting run over, but the minute he stepped out onto the street, I was like “yeah, he’s getting run over” and boom. More than likely Dan will be back, after all, we need an “evil” character on the show, don’t we?

And so this is how One Tree Hill leaves us for the summer, but it will be back in Fall on The CW with all the answers to the questions we are dying to have answered.

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