How Much Would You Pay To Watch Your Favorite TV Show?

Journeyman & Moonlight

How Much Would You Pay To Watch Your Favorite TV Show?

Recently it seems that TV networks have been on a cancelling binge. A lot of great TV shows like Journeyman, Jericho, Aliens in America, Moonlight got the axe and, although viewers are outraged and upset, the realities of the market economy are inescapable. If the network feels like they are not getting enough money out of a show, either because of low ratings or undesirable demographic, it is game over. Or is it?

What if there was a solution to this problem? What if the networks could keep shows on the air longer? What if shows were never cancelled because of money problems? Here is how you do it: Have viewers subscribe to shows that they like and pay a $20 monthly fee.

I can already hear the gasps from some of you so hear me out before you dismiss this idea. Here is how it would work. Some non profit group sets up a web site where anybody can sign up and subscribe to keep their favorite TV show on the air. Here is where I feel it gets interesting. Any money you give goes straight to the show you like. The monthly fee would be $20 and you could subscribe to as many shows as you want. Imagine you only want to keep on the air four shows. That is $5 per show. Imagine now there are at least a million people out there who feel the same way about those same shows. That is 5 million dollars a month per show which is huge.

Now, I still feel like some of you are still skeptical about this. Namely, what would happen if the networks cancel the show anyway? Well, we could fix that by establishing a rule where Networks who participate in this program could not cancel this show unless there was a good reason (creative differences, writers getting fired and/or actors leaving) and even so, they would HAVE to provide a decent two hour finale so that the fans would not be cheated.

There are other rules that have to be established here to protect the viewers from networks trying to shaft them but fundamentally you get the idea. This way, you can literally participate in shaping your own entertainment. You like a particular show? You subscribe to it. You don’t like what the writers are doing with that show? Unsubscribe from it. This could be the most powerful way for viewers to vote for the shows they love in the only language that networks understand: MONEY.

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