SUPERNATURAL “No Rest for the Wicked” (S03E16) – Preview Clips Video

It all comes down to this on SUPERNATURAL. On Thursday, May 15, at 9pm we will finally get the finale episode, “No Rest for the Wicked.” There are two ways they can make it work. Obviously, there will be a cliffhanger, but it can either be one which features Dean pretty much going to hell and us left wondering how they will get him out of there next season, or Dean being save from hell only to unleash another evil upon the world. Either way, I am really looking forward to it.

And since Thursday might see a little far away, I am happy to offer you two preview clips from Supernatural‘s third season finale, “No Rest for the Wicked.”

Synopsis: It’s 30 hours before Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) deal with the crossroads demon is up and Dean, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) are searching for Lilith, who holds the contract. They discover her location and Sam summons Ruby (Katie Cassidy) for help despite Dean’s protests. Ruby warns them they aren’t ready to fight Lilith yet but they steal her knife and depart for New Harmony, Indiana. In a battle to the death, Sam, Dean and Bobby take on Lilith and all her demons in a last ditch effort to save Dean’s life. Kim Manners directed the episode written by Eric Kripke.

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Watch the two preview clips below and enjoy!