Review: THE HILLS “The Next Move Is Yours” (S03E32)

The Hills

Season 3 is officially over as the last episode aired this Monday night. While it didn’t deliver as many “oh my god” moments as I hoped, It was actually pretty good. Spencer follows Heidi to Vegas and crashes maybe one of the most important business meetings of her career so he could tell her that he was mad she left without telling him. And what’s worse, is that Heidi leaves the job and goes home with Spence! Did she not learn anything from LC giving up Paris to stay with Jason?

Laruen and Audrina finally try to talk things out. Audrina was completely right on the money with everything, but I don’t think that LC was seeing things the same way. Methinks she will stay loyal to Lo. It will be interesting to see what happens with that next season 🙂