THE OFFICE – “Goodbye, Toby” (S04E14) Pictures

Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Amy Ryan as Holly, Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez

The Office is back and we are saying goodbye to Toby. I know at least Michael is happy about the whole deal.

Don’t forget to watch The Office “Goodbye, Toby” on Thursday, May 15, at 9pm on NBC.

For now check out a promo and more pictures for The Office “Goodbye, Toby” below.

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Episode Synopsis:
Toby leaves Dunder Mifflin, and Michael plans a huge goodbye party—out of joy. Angela refuses to help with it, so Michael turns to Phyllis. Dwight and Meredith harrass Holly, their new HR representative.

Amy Ryan as Holly Paul Lieberstein as Toby, Amy Ryan as Holly

Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin

(Photos: Courtesy of NBC Photo: Chris Haston)