Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John

Update 5/13 (by Sandie): It’s official, Moonlight has been cancelled! Watch With Kristin just received a message from Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman, the bosses of Moonlight:

It’s true. We found out about an hour ago that Moonlight has been officially canceled.

We are truly saddened by the news and are sorry that we won’t get the chance to live with our wonderful characters and follow them on their adventures for a second season.

We really want to thank all our loyal fans for their undying love and support of the show. We never would have made it this far without them.

In vampire solidarity…rah, rah!

Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman

I’m going to go and cry now!

Is MOONLIGHT cancelled? Maybe. Watch With Kristin reports that CBS made a decision that affects the show in a big way.

My personal favorite Moonlight source just informed me of rumblings that the show was not looking good for a season-two pickup.

No mention of Moonlight on CBS’ 2008-09 schedule, which does not bod well for the vampire-detective drama as there are a lot of dramas that are being picked up this season. So many dramas could mean that CBS could cancel Moonlight if any of the new dramas do well.

If Moonlight was canceled, it would be a terrible blow to the fans who have devoted so much time, effort, and blood (litteraly) to keep this show going.

Shame on you, CBS for even considering cancelling Moonlight.

CBS will officially announced its 2008-09 schedule at the Upfronts on Wednesday, May 14. Stay tuned for more info.

  • CBS can not cancelle Moonlight I vited to save the show. This is the best show it is funny, love story, it is hot and scary. Alex is the hottest a guy on TV and I feel it is about time us wormen have a hottie like him to watch every week. Lets face it it is a man’s world, but it is nice to see God greastest gift Alex O’loughlin!!!!!

  • Moonlight Crazed Fan who is right now extremely upset


    also, why did you post it was canceled when no final decisions have been made?

  • Joanne

    I really don’t think that I will be able to speak my mind and remain lady like because I am too angry right now.

    And I am also going to stop watching any CBS show. That’s a given.

  • Janie

    If CBS cancels Moonlight it just shows they do not care about the fans. I will never watch anything on CBS again.

  • LoveThatDoll

    There are NO WORDS!!! I will NEVER watch CBS again! I guess I will start date nights with the hubby again. I think I’m going to cry… This is why I never get invested in any shows anymore… Why fall in love with a show and cast, when it’s just going to be taken from you – without even a resolve to the entire premise of the show! CBS YOU ROYALLY SUCK!

  • Ceesha

    I have to agree with LoveThatDoll. I am left absolutely speechless. And I actually DID cry when I heard that Moonlight was cancelled. I was telling my husband that NEVER AGAIN will I watch any new shows on CBS. Every show I like winds up getting cancelled, but none of them has hit as hard as Moonlight. Apparently having a fan base that donates BLOOD doesn’t mean anything to the buttheads at CBS. Shame on you for letting us down!

  • clemence

    it is time to show your support! there’s still a little hope, don’t give up. you can write to cbs and WB.
    these sites explain everything. maybe another network could pick up that awesome show!!

  • I am so very very upset about CBS cancelling Moonlight. It is a great show and I don’t understand why you are doing this. Hopefully another network will pick it up. I am going to have everyone I know contact all the networks about this.

    I have always given my support to CBS but not anymore.

  • Well after all the time I spent voting for it, rooting for it and watching it, I’m really ticked off at CBS. Guess they don’t care about their audience afterall. That’s okay, I can watch CSI on reruns on Spike so I don’t need CBS at all. I’ll be happy to give my viewing time to some other channel!

    Shame on you CBS!!!

  • Maria Santana

    My husband and I absolutely love and look forward to friday nights just to watch Moonlight. My sister in law and her husband also love watching the show. The chemistry between the two main characters is truely amazing. It’s a unique story line. There are no other shows on t.v like it. And lastly, it’s not another reality show. I NEVER watch CBS. CBS does not have any shows other than Moonlight that interests me. Moonlight is the only reason I watch CBS. If CBS cancels this show it will be a huge mistake. Give it at least another season to give the public an opportunity to get hooked. Hopefully another network would be smart enough to pick up the show and continue to run it. This is such a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

  • Phil

    Moonlight is awesome! I look forward to watching the show every friday. The chemistry between the two lead characters is unmatched in comparison to other shows. The writers do an exceptional job with developing the story lines for each episode. The fact that the fans are writing you to express our love for the show should be taken into consideration.

  • Rob

    Moonlight was a damn good show how dare you cbs how dare you everythime a goodshow comes out stations have 2 cancle it im pissed this is bullshit now what am i going 2 watch on friday nights besides Drwho i hate u cbs

  • Paula

    Moonlight is my favorite show. The only show I actually make the time to watch. This is just sucks. I will never watch another show on CBS ever again in my lifetime, ever. And I will be sure to let everyone I know not to watch CBS ever again too. I am just so damn mad.

  • danm that sucks and not in a good way att all. how could cbs do this to the show and to the fans. cbs had the highest ratings on friday night and the most biggest fans. oh this is really pissing me off i hope that the CW will pick up moonlight.

  • Amanda

    This Sucks! CBS will be very sorry!!!

  • spike

    wow cbs wow that is rude and hateful use views love that show. u cant get rid of it. its just now gettin good. how dare u. u guys r a disgrace to america

  • how sad that they let it go when other silly reality shows get renewed!

  • mjade27

    CBS is officially dead to me. I will not watch anything on that network and will encourage everyone I know to continue to ignore it. They really screwed themselves this time. Hope their advertisers enjoy selling The Clapper and Life Alert to the seniors that may or may not remember to turn the TV on and watch their lame shows.

  • Bunny

    CBS never has cared about the people only about ratings and money. Well we can change all that-wait until your shows drop from all the people who will now not watch your shows. Hope all your new show fail-I will not watch one of them.

  • i still hope someone picks up moonlight, i mean, they say cw won’t pick it up because of the cost? what cost all their back ground effects are like blue or green screen and they keep using the lot, i.e. they keep using the same restaurant over and over again, jeez!

  • Nancy

    If Moonlight goes I will NEVER watch CBS again! The show ROCKS who made the stupid decision to cancel it? Did any of us fans have a say? WTF!!!!!!!

  • Brandy

    CBS!!! Are you kiddin me!!
    MOONLIGHT is the best show on tv hands down!
    It beats out all the other piss-ass shows on tv!

    MOONLIGHT is like a fantasy -filled, one hour holiday to pleasure ville!
    How dare you cancel Moonlight!!!
    CBS really stands for -Comatosed -Brain -Suckers!
    Sucking out all the fun filled imagination we loved in this great story and show.
    I will not be watching CBS anymore!!!!!

  • Lynn M. Rogers

    Dear Loving Fans of Moonlight:

    We will all hang there and most of us have done all we can-they may not expected this seige of phone calls and e-mails are only hope is that CBS is listening to their fans but their track record is indeed bad to say the very least. Some remember the show “Beauty and the Beast” with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton and now thank goodness is is out on DVD for other fans to enjoy the quality show we did. Another show that I loved was “The Guardian” with Simon Baker. Then “Jericho” then it was on it again now off. So now there is “Moonlight.” I think what has made me a little angry first there was no notice-we were lead to believe that this show might sustain another second season-and now they have really no plans in the works for saying a fond “good-bye” or some kind of ending to this wonderful show if indeed that is still their decision.

    Always remember it is the advertisers too and what CBS wants to see is money and of course sponsers.

    I made every phone call and e-mail I can do and I even e-mailed the station in my area that carries “Moonlight.”

    The replacement show for this time period is called “The Ex” or something like that. I saw the premise of the show and by all accounts I do not think this show will fly and others will be turned off by it also because it is taking the time period where “Moonlight” is.

    We will be very fortunate if some other channel will pick it up then it will for sure be CBS’s loss and they have lost anyway- a lot of their fan base even for the other shows. Notice CSI-New York and CSI-Las Vegas some problems are involved there. The good news is that fans of Boston Legal will enjoy their show on Wednesdays now then we can turn to ABC which is no better but it would encourage us not to watch some of the CBS shows.

    I feel what is next are the “Hallmark Hall of Fame.”

    Please everyone hang in there-think positive-there is a truth beyond reason more things are talked about under the table than we will find out or know. Our voices will be heard and it will be CBS that suffers not immediately but down the road.

    At least we started something that may keep growing and developing.

    Best to all of you,
    Lynn M. Rogers

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  • Lilac

    … CANCELLED!?!?!?! WHY!?! I don’t usually complain when my favorite shows get cancelled because I understand the stuff that I dont’ know about that goes behind running and keeping this show on air… but now I feel I must speak up: THIS IS IS REALLY ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS CREATED. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT, IT WOULD BREAK MILLIONS OF HEARTS!

  • BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hailey

    Why would they do this?!?!?!?!
    I loved this show!!!!!!
    You people at CBS are sooo meeeeeeean!!!!
    I hope you are happy with what you did!!!!
    Mick St. John rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love him and Beth’s relationship!

    I guess I wait for the season to come put on DVD and eat ice cream while having a box of kleenexes beside me.

  • Izabella

    I was surprised to see that the episode description on my DVR said it was the series finale. I was almost hysterical. However, the ending was wonderful with Mick and Beth.


  • I will no longer support the network if it really does not renew moonlight. I will not watch their shows nor purchase any of their sponsored products. I am sick to death of all the wasted hours of mindless programs, yet they cancel one of the best shows on tv. hey cbs I am not just an infatuated teenager, I have buying power. I am 59 yrs old and a retired professional. I will miss the characters in all the other shows I watched but goodby cbs. YOU HAVE MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN YOUR CAREERS AND WILL REAP THE CONSEQUENCES.

  • would any here know if it will get picked up by other networks? hallmark? or if it will get syndication?

  • Molisha

    Shame on you!! Put another reality on show on!!! Boo!

  • Sherri

    Thanks CBS for taking a special bond I had with my 9 year old son away from me. We would look forward to Friday nights as we always watch Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight together. You stink. Moonlight was awesome and had incredible chemistry. You made a huge mistake, dumb &%$!

    • Amy

      I always used to watch Ghost whisperer and Moonlight together too 🙁 Thanks to all the good shows being cancelled, I don’t watch tv anymore

  • Sherri

    Maybe it’s me. Every show I really get into gets cancelled. It started with 21 Jumpstreet, then 90210, then Melrose Place, Party of 5, Ally McBeal, THE OC the best darn show that ever was, and now Moonlight. Sorry guys, it’s all my fault. I hope we see Alex again somewhere else and CBS can kiss his sucessful tushie!

  • Janice

    This is my most favorite show! You cannot cancel it. This show is the best. It is adventureous, funny, romantic, great story line. and you want to keep watching it week after week. Yet you will continue to keep running shows that are trashy, that I refuse to watch. The good shows continued to get cancelled. There is hardly anything worth watching on TV anymore. CBS made a big mistake cancelling “Moonlight.”

  • Zoïe

    And it’s NOT the first time they do it, WTF, we have DARK ANGEL, JOAN OF ARCADIA, DEAD LIKE ME, PARTY OF FIVE, I can go on and on!

  • Wow! I can’t believe my eyes-Moonlight cancelled. What total moron with no common sense at all made this stupid mistake? This totally hot show was the only reason that I watched CBS on Friday night. Everything and I mean everything about this show was “dead” on sharp, cool, and so hip. Hey, ABC or NBC, why don’t you show some common sense and pick up this awesome show for one of your time slots? Obviously, CBS lacks greatly in this area. Can’t anyone have some guts around here? Remember, if sense were common then everyone would have it. CBS really needs to get with it and get some.

  • Sherry

    I am shocked and dismayed by the cancellation of Moonlight!!!!! Moonlight is (WAS) the best show on television. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE CBS!!! I am sick of investing my time in watching incredible shows if you are just going to take them off the air. What are you going to replace it with, another realty show??? YEAH, THAT’S ALL WE NEED!!!! I will no longer support your network!

  • Joanne

    What the HECK!!! Are the networks crazy!!! They can’t take this show off of CBS. You don’t have anything else to put on Friday nights anyway. It is just so stupid that many networks cancell such good shows and bring on new really, really STUPID shows like 91210 on another station. What the HECK!!!!

  • Joanne

    People GO TO CBS.COM to the bottom of the page to Feedback.
    Write as many times as possible to keep this show on the air!!!

  • Kelene

    I will no longer support any of CBS or any of its affiliates because of this. Finally there was a show on that I could sit down and watch and get out of my head. It is THE BEST SHOW that your stupid channel has ever aired, and now that it’s gone, I have no doubt that you, CBS, will lose many viewers.

    And to all the MOONLIGHT fans, I am solidified with you in the wanting to BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renee

    First it was Beauty and the Beast in the late 80’s, then Christy in the 90’s and now Moonlight. I WILL NEVER WATCH CBS AGAIN!!! 3rd times the charm for me. What is with this network and cancelling really awesome shows? They didn’t even give it a chance. The writers strike really screwed the numbers and if they would have just given it another year I think they would have had a cult hit on their hands. Short sighted b—ards!

  • Amy

    Seems that the only successful rating the networks experience are unfortunately from reality TV. It is a shame that we cannot sustain anything else. Refreshingly different in context the show was entertaining and offered a relief from the albeit well done law & order type drama’s or the unfortunate run of reality TV that seems to contribute to the “dumbing down” of america. Take a chance and keep going with something like Moonlight. Your fan base I’m sure would continue to grow as your writers strike did nothing for the continuance of viewers.
    Very dissapointed in California……

  • Cara

    I just watched the final(?) ep of Moonlight and I’m so angry and saddened that once again a really excellent show is being canceled by the network ptb so they can make room for either more reality crap or some mindless drivel! Moonlight is such an excellent show with fantastic acting and really creative writting. This last ep that aired Friday was so awesome. It shows a whole new storyline being developed that delves into the lives of the vampires. Not to mention the ongoing lovestory of Mick and Beth.
    We can only hope that some other network will pick up Moonlight and save it from oblivion.

    Thank you Alex, Sophia and Jason for bringing to life some really wonderful characters that we’ve grown to love!!!

    Hopefully Ron K and Trevor can find another network, what with the shortage of Autumn shows, to pick up Moonlight for a second season.

    A very disheartened fan.


  • Bertha

    I can’t believe they are cancelling Moonlight. This is such a good series. It just seems that tv only keeps cops and crime and/or law shows They didn’t give this show a chance.. There so many boring shows on tv and is poor of CBS to just cut them off. This has happen so much in the last few years that I don’t even want to look at any shows anymore. They keep the fans hanging with not even an ending.

  • LaDonna

    This is a sad day. I just went to the CBS website and clicked on Feedback, at the bottom of the web page and sent an email asking them to reconsider. maybe if all of us did it……. who knows, it’s worth a try.

  • John

    I am really disappointed that Moonlight got cancelled. This was one of the few good shows of the last several years. Somebody made a big mistake and we all will have to pay the price for it.
    This really stinks!

  • TJ

    My husband and I enjoy watching the CBS line up on Friday nights and now you have screwed it up. A show with good ratings and you take it off. It always seems to happen. So I say to you CBS we watch all the show on CBS from Monday to Friday. Now I am really glad I got the dish. Because now I know I can find other shows to watch Monday thru Friday. Sorry but you have really disappointed the Jackson home.

  • Jamie

    I can’t believe they have canceled Moonlight! I am so upset!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!
    BRING MOONLIGHT BACK……………………………………………….. NOW!

    Please! 🙁
    It was such a good show! and I was so looking forward to the next season!!

  • Hannah

    Wow is all I can say. This show was absolutely amazing and so much better than any of the other crap that you ppl at CBS have been putting out. With so few good television shows coming out these days I thought I had finally found something I could get into. I will never watch any CBS program ever again unless this outrage is righted. CBS fix this or you are going to lose a lot more than just respect.

  • Lyn Hall

    Why do you cancel a show in the first season?? Don’t you know that Seinfield would have been cancelled in the first season by today’s standards….STUPID>

  • Celeste

    Time to boycott CBS.Last year it was “Close to Home” and now it’s “Moonlight”…big mistake CBS. I hope they reconsider over the summer as I am truly disappointed. Moonlight had a great plot and I loved the characters and had hoped to see them come back for more action! My and my kids are really going to miss it. Shame on you CBS, SHAME ON YOU CBS!!!

  • Victoria

    My husband and I LOVE Moonlight. My mother-in-law even watches it too!!!!! I’m gonna cry cry cry so hard!!! I LOVE MICK!!!!!!!!! NOOO NOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They can’t do this to us loyal viewers, they just can’t!

  • Caren

    I’m heartbroken, I really am. What is CBS doing? This was the only show that I really couldn’t wait to see. What are they going to put on now – CSI-Remlap, Alabama (population 900) or Big Brother 7 nights a week instead of 5. If they do not bring Moonlight back, I will (1) write all of the companies that sponsored Moonlight and thank them for sponsoring such a great show. Then I must inform them that I and millions of others will no longer be watching CBS at any time so we will no longer see their commercials on this network. (2) On Direct TV and on other TV’s with parental controls, you can block channels so they don’t even come up on the guide or your TV. I will not be watching CBS at all; there is no need; it will be blocked on my TVs. When CBS puts on a new show that is a hit, they seem to want to cancel it, disappointing fans, so there is no need to watch this network at all. A couple of years ago, they had an original new comedy called “The Class”. It was great and it also won the “People’s Choice Award for Best New Comedy”….. Well, you guessed it, it was cancelled and didn’t even finish the season. I was disappointed but nothing like I am with the cancellation of “Moonlight” (I am totally devastated). Don’t they realize that they lucked out with this show. A fairly newcomer to the States was chosen as one of the Most Sexy Men on TV (we all know who this is). Any other network would be foaming at the mouth to have him on their network. And the millions of avid “Moonlight” fans love the show not just because of Alex O’Loughlin (although he is enough to make everybody turned on and tune in). We also fell in love with Sophia (she and Mick have great chemistry on the screen); and then there is Jason which we also love (Personally, I also like Logan and the morgue guy – I will not even attempt to spell his name). It’s not only the actors and the great way that they have created their characters, the crews have done a great job also. The photography, sound effects, special effects, lighting, music, set arrangements, stunt work, direction, etc. (I can’t list them all) are unique and adds so much to every episode. The writing and storylines (acting with narration added in) were fantastic. It has something for everyone…drama, romance, serious subjects, fight screens where the “good guys” prevail, and my favorite – the humor. It was a unique, fresh, excellently done show (in all areas) and extremely entertaining. It seems that the shows awarded the “People’s Choice Award” for best new show is the ”kiss of death” on CBS. It shows that CBS doesn’t seem interested in what the “People” want. And as for the shows that are scheduled for Friday night (which networks think of as a slow night), more and more people will begin to watch TV on Friday night due to the price of gas and the price of everything else going up due to the price of gas; more people are staying home because they don’t have the extra money that they once did to go out every weekend.
    Usually I just TIVO CBS’s new shows that look entertaining to me and do not watch them until I see if they are going to cancel them (sometimes during mid-season), so when they do cancel the shows, I can just erase them and don’t even begin watching them; But Moonlight caught my attention when it just happened to be on one night and I thought that surely they would not cancel this great show so I watched the whole season. I was hooked and fell in love with it immediately only to be heartbroken at the end of the season. I have never written a network, sponsors, posted comments, etc. to save a show but this is different. It became a part of my life which I truly enjoyed – it’s worth fighting for. Surely if CBS can’t see the errors of their way on this show, I hope Cable will pick it up and it can show more than is allowed to be shown on regular network TV.
    Not only does this show entertain, the cast, crew, and fans all got together and sponsored a blood drive (I believe that Alex has been asked to be a spokesperson for the Red Cross). I would like to thank everybody involved because I am the recipient of a lot of blood products every month (it takes thousands of donors every 28 days to keep me alive – antibodies are removed from thousands of units of blood for me and other people receive other specific parts of the blood that they need to stay alive (so in a way, I can relate to the vampire theme and how it has to be worked into the budget as Mick said); I have a very rare disease in which I do not make antibodies, so a cold or an infection is life threatening – similar to “Boy in the Bubble Disease”. Also because of this disease, I watch a lot of TV and there is no show on any network (regular of cable) that is better than Moonlight, none are even close.
    CBS, please hear the cries of the millions that want this show renewed – if not, you will lose millions of people that watch your network (we will boycott all shows and not watch your network at all) and we will let the sponsors (already posted several places on the web) know that we no longer watch CBS due to the cancellation of Moonlight, so their advertisements will not be seen by the millions that the network has lost due to their poor decision to Cancel our show. Caren Tidwell

  • Eva Hollowak

    I can not believe that this show is being cancelled. It is one of the best that I have seen in a long time. I will not watch CBS again if they go thru with this.

  • i am so getting pissed off i was really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really really realy really, hoping that there was going to be another season. i am hoping that someone in a network will pick it up.

  • tiffany

    I know that writting this is not going to make much of a difference but i am a firm believer that one voice can be heard i a crowd if they tried hard enough. Everything in my life has been a disappointment. From thing to another. And, I find it funny that my one release from all the shit, and all the drama has been canceled without a good reason. I looked forward to the show everyday of every week. Even when it was put on hold for a month. I just can’t believe that something that i finally enjoy was taken away, So i just want to thank CBS for this amazing inconvience, its truely appericated.

  • if only people outside the united states have a voice on this as well

  • Teloiv

    Moonlight was voted one of the best dramas on TV, so why was it canceled ,my wife and i caught the second show by accident one night after ghost whisper and was hooked ever since, NO reason to tune in to cbs anymore.

  • i read from this website:,0,6764293.story
    By Rick Porter May 14, 2008

    “NEW YORK — CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler chuckled Wednesday when a reporter asked if she’s prepared for the onslaught of mail from “Moonlight” fans upset about the show’s cancellation.”
    wow, nina tassler just chuckles, jeez, that makes me glad that i am not in the united states and just get the show on youtube. to think I was going to rally support from the local network that show Moonlight here and try to convince cbs that Moonlight has international appeal.
    ms tassler, how bout just apologizing to the fans that the show didn’t do too well compared to numbers or ghost whisperer rather than showing the world you don’t give a rats ass!
    the chuckled part just goes to show us fans how they just don’t care!
    i am just glad now that cbs dont make money off of us here when we watch csi, ncis, and the rest of their stuff!

  • Teloiv

    numbers is a STUPID!!!!!! show how and the hell can it draw in mo viewers !!!!!!!, that is where my wife and turned off the tv and went to bed. Not that i am attacking any one for watching numbers, i just think it is really stupid.

  • well, it’s the nielsen’s ratings that put moonlight as the lowest rating cbs show every friday, so after ghost whisperer, people either turn off their tv’s or watch something else and turn it on again and watch numbers, unless there’s another way to measure a show’s appeal in your country, then shows like moonlight would get the can. i mean jeez, even star trek voyager got renewed, so did star trek deep space 9, even trekkies were divided on those shows let alone star trek enterpise that got renewed 4 times when even trekkies weren’t watching it! star trek enterprise got even lower ratings than moonlight did.
    it is in your hands, people!

  • Teloiv

    no its not in our hands, i mean how and the hell do these nielsen ratings get taking, i don’t know how to do them and i don’t know any body that does, if its something you do at home, then how do you do them, i have heard of them but i have never heard any one talking about doing them at home.

  • Tara

    I can’t believe MoonLight was canceled, it was the only reason I ever watched CBS in the first place. With such a good plot and characters I thought this show had many more seasons to come before it ended. Now I might as well remove CBS from my TV guide selection, I’ll never being turning the channel to this station ever again.

  • i just meant the more it wouldn’t be in the hands of anyone outside the united states, i merely mentioned the nielsens ratings since that is what these networks use to gauge the popularity of a show and if people are tuned in. i think they actually call, well that’s what i read somewhere, now i can’t find that link LOL. hopefully the rally helped.
    video on the rally

  • lizzy

    i love the series _BRING IT BACK.

  • J Rios

    This is seriously WRONG …. Mick is the NEWEST HOTTEST GUY today. And they are going to cancel it. No, I’m sorry but JERICHO WAS ONE STUPID SHOW AND THEY BROUGHT THAT BACK … WHY CAN’T THEY BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!!


    ****************BRING BACK MOONLIGHT****************

  • Ramona

    The major broadcasters will lose more people to the cable networks, if they keep on canceling great shows like Moonlight, what fools they are. So they will give us shows like Swingtime, yeah, sounds like a winner to me. To keep people tuning in, they need to have good programing and alas they do not. Are the broadcasters hiring monkeys to do the show lineups and give them ideas for new shows?

  • Cilene

    Four years ago it was WB… They were so shameful that they changed their name to CW… yeah… I’m talking about my favorite Vampires (Angel/Angelus).

    Now Moonlight, which I got to see by accident and like it too much… I love everything about vampires.

    Why they keep doing gender shows if they will cancelled it if it won’t go spetacular in the ratings? Hello… it’s a vampire show… it won’t have (altought I think it should) Friends’ ratings.

  • peeps, you should sign this online petition to bring back Moonlight
    here are some still on going petitions you can sign:


    let’s do what we can!

    vampire solidarity rah rah rah!

  • I cannot believe they canceled moonlight! I have to say cbs lost me as a viewer. I only tuned into the cbs channel for moonlight—I bet I am not the only one. I have a feeling they are going to lose a lot of viewers due to this latest decision. I am going to support the show in any way possible, I already bought the entire season off of amazon unbox and I will probably buy it on dvd too. I suppose I am hoping there is some small chance that it will be brought back like family guy. So many family guy fans bought dvds that the network realized they made a mistake and brought the show back. I will do my part but we will just have to wait and see.

  • Moonligh lover- Taylor S.

    I think CBS is totally WACKO for cancelling Moonlight!!!!!!!!!! WTF are they thinking??????!!!!!!! It was the one show that I absolutely LOVED and the freaking cancelled it!!!!! Why? WHY?????!!!!!! I didn’t finish reading the article because I was so mad so I don’t know hy they cancelled it. Was it because of a bad review or two? Not enough ratings? Complaning peice-of-crap parents? WHAT?! What would drive these CBS people to actually… dare I say it… CANCEL MOONLIGHT?! Seriously why people? I want to know. And I want to kick somebodies but or file a law suit or something! Somebody has to pay for this and I have to blame someone! How the heck could people be so insane and/or mostly SELFISH?! How could someone cancel the show featuring the great and beautiful Alex O’loughlin?!

  • Ashley Helgerson

    How could you guys cancel Moonlight? Huh! What is the matter with you. I started watching this show on tv and now you cancel it? I haven’t even seen the beginning of the show and I even fell in love with it because of the story line. Any vampire show that is on tv always gets canceled like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I was hoping the CW or Sci-fi could pick up the show. You are losing alot of fans because of this and I am going to be the next one if you don’t return Moonlight back on CBS. At least finish a second season instead of stopping it in the middle of nowhere. Anyways you guys are now wasting my time on Friday night’s and I just go bed early from now on. I love comming home from work to watch Moonlight because its my weekend off and I don’t do anything on Fridays night because I like to come home and relax. Now I can’t do that anymore and I will just go to bed instead. Thanks CBS for ruining my Friday nights. Could luck and all and I hope CBS go’s down from production.

  • Kristal,

    I’m going to cry now.
    I’m going to be upset for the rest of my life.

  • Matt G.

    Original material, with a great cast, great script, and loyal fans…then it’s cancelled??? I wish the actors greater success and loyality from another network that understands a little more about the commitment and responsibility it is obligated to have to it’s actors and the fans. I wish the Moonlight cast the very, very best. Thank you for a little “Light” at night! I will miss you guys!

  • Caren

    Message I posted on the air to CNN during a discussion on CBS’s new show “Swingtown”.

    I was married in 1976 and swinging was rare. I only knew 2 couples that were swingers and they are both now divorced. Do you realize that CBS cancelled a great show called Moonlight which won the “People’s Choice Award for Best New Drama” to put on this trash. Millions are protesting all over the web to renew Moonlight. Moonlight supported the Red Cross by holding blood drives; The only thing that Swingtown promotes is AIDS. I’m through with CBS and any company that sponsors their network.

  • Kat

    I have one question as far as Moonlight being cancelled:


    Monnlight was the ONE show worth staying home on a Fri night to watch.

  • CK

    WTF, This was the only frickin show I would watch on tv, now it’s cancelled…Screw you cbs! I will never watch cbs as long as I live if they don’t air it again for at least one more frickin season…

  • go to
    and look up the cities where rallies are being held clamoring for a moonlight return

  • Chris

    I’m not surprised… Another great show KILLED… Stupid american tv presidents or whatever they are called, go to hell! In europe atleast they listen to the fans… i hate america…

  • Chris

    seriously i’m so angry right now i would come to america just to bomb cbs… f-king moneyhorny people. =(((

    i loooove(-d) MOOOOOOOOONLIGHT!!!

    All my friends love it as well, even my PARENTS (lol) and their friends!!!… it just premiered in sweden and now i just found out it is being cancelled.. WTF?!

    Everything is being cancelled…. =(((( i hate america… (not the actors or the writers, only the moneyhorny presidents…. ARGHHHH)

  • Simon

    I live in Sweden, they just showed the first Moonlight episode 2 weeks ago on sunday night. I really love the show, I know many of my classmates & friends do aswell and now I find out it will end so soon.. Really fucking sucks.

    In my opinion Moonlight is currently the best show in swedish television.

  • bruce

    I guess that you live up to ypur name C.B.S
    Caucasion Only

  • Alexa

    WHY DOES CBS CANCEL ALL THE BEST SHOWS!!!!!! How can you cancel a show that WON the People CHOICE as most favority new series!!! DUH????? BRING IT BACK!!!! it seems that CBS does not stand or support there shows. SHARK is now cancelled. It seems that only cable stations kept there shows going. I would not leave my house on a FRIDAY NITE mind U until I watch Moonlight.


    Another good reason to watch CABLE!!!!

  • Shrb

    Are you freaking kidding me. This show rocks. Why would they cancel Moonlight. Its an amazing show its hot, steamy, scary, dramatic, not to mention Mick is completely HOT. There are so many shows still on out there that suck and they are taking away one of the good ones. thats insane. I watched and interview and Alex O’Loughlin thought the show should have a season two. The actors want it to came back why would the directors feel any different. There are a lot of Vampire shows out there and this is one of the best. There idiots if they think this is a good idea and if they think that this won’t demote the station. Please don’t cancel Moonlight, I loved Jason Dohring in Veronica Mars and to see him in something else I like is amazing. You people who want it gone, who chose to cancel it should be shot in the head, you obviously have some mental issues that should be taken care of before you consider making any more chooses about television shows. I’m sick and tiered of my favorite shows getting canceled and taken off the air. Get a reality check Moonlight is one of the good ones, for the love of god, get rid of Gossip girl or one of those other dramatic soap operas.

  • pls visit:
    there is a link there for the poll regarding directTV.
    help fight to save moonlight.


  • Katie

    this is horrible i dont know what to do i was so looking forwored to it commeing back on and noe it is not i will die without this show no

  • Heather

    I cannot even form the proper words in my mind… Moonlight is such an enticing, entertaining show… How could it be cancelled!!!?? I thought for sure I would be seeing more of it and then I found out it was cancelled. I love sci-fi infused shows and this one should definitely be picked up by Sci Fi channel… This would be a great hit for them back-to-back with Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis on Friday’s. I wouldn’t leave my couch except to pee! Sci-Fi Channel… are you hearing this!?!

  • danielle

    i think we should all work together to get cbs to get their heads out of the gutter! moonlight was a great show!! if it was aired on the weekends, people might have watched it more! people go out on fridays!!! BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!!

  • Tony

    No need to yell at the wall, because that’s what CBS execs are! Best bet will be for all fans to focus on Sci-fi channel. They usually make good decicions for their programming. I would love to see Moonlight paired up with Atlantis. You never know it might happen.

  • friday nights would be great indeed if scifi takes on moonlight then stargate atlantis! i did email sci fi to take on moonlight to fill up the void that battlestar galactica will leave behind! =)

  • patcain1

    I feel betrayed by CBS for removing MOONLIGHT,I watched everything on that network,from the great comedy on the friday night lineup,survivor,csi’s,the news,the early show,cold case,Ghost whisperer,judge judy,and so on…….It is like the feeling you get when the one you love is unfaithful,that is how Nina Tassler has made me feel about her network.I am truly heart sick.Other networks keep bringing back shows that are not even deserving another season and that is what we deserve,a second season,PLEASE BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!

  • Jenny (UK)

    One of our cable channels picked up the show and I was instantly hooked. Great story; great characters; hot actors!!! Was really looking forward to season 2 and was just checking to see when it would be back on TV in the UK when I read that it has been cancelled. What are they playing at??? Are they mental??? Will have to hope that they change their minds or that another network picks it up. Life without Mick is hard to contemplate!

  • Donna

    LOVED Moonlight! I thought it was the BEST show and looked forward to planting myself in front of the TV on Friday nights. The story line was intriguing, the characters were great. It had love, romance, suspense, drama, comedy, and horror and much more. What more could you ask for? Apparently CBS execs have that answer. PLEASE BRING MOONLIGHT BACK!!








    ONCE AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no more moonlight forever, this sucks, read this y’all

  • Patty Martin

    I will not and cannot accept no more Moonlight! I am selfish and want more!Come on Nina Tassler bring it back to us heart sick fans!!!

  • gerald reece

    i was getting into moonlight i thought the stories were starting to pick up and all of a sudden i here it got cancelled why just because of ratings you have people that enjoy a good program and you take it away shame on you cbs. if you are going to cancel a show do it with some sort of ending don’t leave us hanging waiting to find out if the show will continue or not. so if you start something finish it. gerald reece aug. 4. 2008

  • Tina

    I have had it with CBS. I am so sick of getting into TV shows just to have them cancelled. I have lots of channels to choose from and from now on I will choose some other channel to watch. Never again will I get wrapped up in a TV series on CBS. CBS needs to realize that we, the viewers, happiness is what their job is dependent on. Without us, CBS will cease to exist. With so many good channels out there to choose from you would think CBS would care more about their viewers, but apparently they don’t. Oh well, another viewer lost forever, CBS.

  • Mistimouse

    I knew when I saw the commercial for the new show after Ghost Whisperer that they canceled my fave show!! I guess I’m late in finding out! Ghost Whisperer is a good show, but Moonlight is much, much better! Maybe A&E, Oxygen, or one of those networks will pick it up and keep it going! I love this show! I live for this show! PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK! Doesn’t even have to be on Friday nights!! Just bring it back!!

  • lynn

    omg are they stupid? moonlight is the best show. they should bring it back! there is something about vampire shows/books/& movies that people love, just like twilight. bring back moonlight!! i love vampire tv show/books and movies. please please please please please please please bring it back for every one and for me!=[

  • patty

    I have tried to get into other shows to get my mind off Moonlight but it just doesn’t work.I know some people are fans of supernatural but it just does not compare to Moonlight for me.Or any other show of that type.I want my Mick vamp and it’s cast back.For goodness sake is anyone out there hearing us fans?Come on, some network bring it back on!!!


    Many people wonder why TV is becoming so unwatchable it is because of stuff like this…Everytime you really get into a show you like they cancel it to bring in some stupid stuff like alot of the new shows that you have lined up….They are not gonna make it and this I know…Moonlight is a good show and it made Friday Nights Scary Night for my family with it coming on right after Ghost Whisper…I dont know why TV do not take votes first with the fans just cause your numbers dont add up dont mean that there are not people out there watching it and ENJOYING it…So once in some networks life take a vote, ask the fans, dont just think cause there is not what you want in numbers that a show is not entertaining to many others in the world…

  • Amber Andrews

    Wow. I had no idea Moonlight was cancelled and just hit the CBS website to see when the series starts again. I’m pissed they cancelled it since it was the ONLY show that I watched on CBS. Sometimes I would watch Ghost Whisper because it was on just before MOONLIGHT. Moonlight was your best show and now that its gone….so am I.

  • mia gray

    Why do networks cancels good show when they should be just leaving thing alone. This is really getting stupid of you guys. What are you guys trying to do loss all of you Tv watcher. Because if you keep canelling show your gone to loss those loyal to CBS. You need to put back on Moonlight. It was a very good show and it was more then just the actor that made the show the writing, plot line, they waty the actors made you feel while you watch the show. It just not right for you guys to do this. You remove shows watch by women and leave the show more men watch. If you want a more female audience then you need to keep the show that keep use coming back to watch. Not take them off.

  • Patty

    Nina Tassler from CBS has just signed Alex Oloughlin to a one year contract to CBS to star in another show.She doesn’t get it that we may Love him but we want the whole package-Moonlight cast!The whole show is all we want! Now I know some of you may want to watch him on this new show not yet determined but if you do Nina”s comment about the fans will ring true that we only wanted Alex and not Moonlight.She will get her fan base back for him just to bring back the ratings.I may Love Alex but I am still boycotting CBS b/c I want the show not just him.Good luck with your work Alex but what about Sophia,Jason and the rest that we enjoyed so much!No CBS for me!Unless it’s Moonlight!

  • Patty

    To contact Nina Tassler and tell her you want the whole cast of Moonlight not just be polite to her!

  • Paulo Guerreiro

    My god, i just saw the cbs fall schedule for 2008 and i dont have
    words to describe,Not one good program,how could they cancel a very good program like Moonlight, to put that crap schedule.
    No wonder cbs is the worst, with schedules and presidents like this.
    In Portugal the tv is bad, but compared to cbs, the tv here looks like paradise. Moonlight it´s a very good program, and should be more like it. And cbs please do me a favor, put someone decent, in front of your scheduling. Thank you.

  • Luke Savage

    Well, here we go again. The good shows that are canceled keep growing. Jake 2.0, Enterprise, Moonlight, and Jericho. I can’t take it anymore. Maybe, this is indicative to where I’m at in my life. I want to watch quality entertainment instead of wasting my time watching other pseudo-reality shows that really show the moral breakdown of the United States. For those who watch these shows, you suck. For those who are passionate about true fantasy shows with good entertainment story lines, we loose again. Hopefully when I become an old fart, my grand kids will prefer shows like these and dump the boring reality shows. I really believe the new generation is not very interesting and they glorify immorality and social decay. To the new generation, don’t you have someone to text. Turn off the TV, you’re disrupting my entertainment value.

  • Kayla

    I’ve been looking forward to moonlight coming back on!!

    fuck cbs


  • Patty

    Well said Luke!Couldn’t have said it better!I still email CBS everyday complaining about the fall line up!All crap!I also leave feedback on CBS everyday!What have I got to lose!I get so pissed off with all the shows that suck making a comeback for another season when my favorite it gone!Dam all who had any hand in getting rid of Moonlight! Email Nina Tassler like I do at and put in your complaint!Let her know it’s not just about Alex O. but about the whole show!



    BRING! BACK! MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caren

    Well Angel, it doesn’t look like it will be coming back. CBS will not renew the show because they thought that its success was only Alex (now he is enough to turn anybody on and have anybody tune in) but we also LOVED Moonlight – the chemistry with Beth, the storyline, the drama, the humor, the entire cast and crew that did such a quality job., etc. There were so many ways the show could have gone and it left us with so many unanswered questions. It could have gone on for years and not run out of interesting plots. I know that “True Blood” has just begun but it is nowhere close to the entertainment quality of Moonlight – it would have been great to see Moonlight on HBO.

    CBS didn’t want to renew the show but it appears that it didn’t want another network to be able to pick it up either. They signed Alex to a one year talent deal and are planning to put him in another show (to probably once again get us hooked only to cancel it once again disappointing viewers – I quit watching CBS – I will watch Alex’s show but that’s it – I am no longer a loyal viewer) and
    CBS is blocked from all of my TV’s. CBS kept Alex and let everybody else go. How can Moonlight go on to another network with Alex tied up by CBS? If my information is incorrect, please post otherwise – I’ve been in the hospital and got behind on the most recent updates. Caren (

  • Patty

    I have already watched two episodes of True Blood and no way does it compare to Moonlight.It can be extremely sexual and corny at the same time.The main Vampire is no Mick St.John!I will never get over the fact that Moonlight is gone and vamps shows like this are on,it’s gotta be the sex scenes.I say who cares and bring back the beautiful romantic scenes of MickBeth!



  • Shelley

    2 words for you CBS…YOU SUCK!
    Moonlight was my favorite show. someone with talent should be running the company and it sure ain’t you guys!!

  • Moonlight_Luvr

    YOU SUCK !!

  • Patty

    Go to and keep putting in your vote for Moonlight! I will never give up! I also email Nina Tassler who cancelled the show at,plus i go to the feedback forum at the CBS web site and send them a message about Moonlight.Keep of going fans!!!!

  • Caren

    True Blood is disappointing and nowhere close to Moonlight — CBS needs new management – just because it’s a giant corporation doesn’t mean it’s being managed correctly – Just look at Wall Street. Maybe CBS needs to consider changes before it’s top management brings them down too; there will be no government bail out for them. They have lost so many viewers over this (I am one of them) and in times like these, they better keep all of the viewers for their advertisers that they can. People have less money to spend in these economic hard times and advertisers (the people supporting CBS’s paychecks and corporate expenses) want their ads exposed to as many potential clients possible — doesn’t CBS understand this or are they operated just like the numerous companies on Wall Street. I hope CBS execs think this over and puts some upper management in that have some common sense. Soon their advertisers will bail out just like their viewers have.


    BRING BACK MOONLIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patty


  • Patty



    CBS SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ey Patty, could you pls post the whole url/link so we can vote?

  • Patty

    Go to On the right hand side you will see Discuss and click on “What was the Most Heart-Wrenching cancellation of the season?Put your vote in there.I do not know if it helps but anything for Moonlight I will do!


    ALL THE ACTORS IN THIS SHOW WERE TREMENDOUS! (Especially Jason Dohring 🙂 )

    Spike TV, SciFi, USA, HBO ANYONE?
    Studio Heads – Listen to your audience! Don’t leave us in the lurch CBS Old Farts!!!!!!!!



  • Suz

    This is truly disappointing… I think vampires are one of the sexiest things you could fantasize about and it was nice to have something like this to watch. Certainly beats those crappy reality shows and other lame “Drama” series. I really miss this show …

  • I can’t agree more

  • Diane

    I can’t believe Moonlight was cancelled. I have been waiting for the second season and now I find out CBS cancelled the show. Instead they put on stupid shows like the EX- List, amongst others. I am emploring the WB to pick up this show, it will be like having Buffy the Vampire Slayer back.

  • Suz

    Who wants to replace hot vampires with a show about a girl, who’s really not all that good looking, hunting down her soul mate from a long line of past boy friends? Uh, not me. I just don’t get it… all the stuff that’s out there is the same old crap. Need to have something different… bring back Mick St. John, Beth and Josef!!!

  • patty

    I hope the Ex List really tanks! To replace Moonlight with this bunch of crap is crazy and anyone who enjoys this over Moonlight is crazy too! I can’t wait till the DVD release on Jan.20th! I will be first in line to get it!!!But I would love it’s return or at least a Movie!!!



  • it hurts too much to think about this, i thought he would replace gary dourdan on csi, but cbs said they would make an entirely new show with alex o loughlin as the lead, instead of giving us Moonlight back

  • Crystal

    You know… I just don’t understand this. I watched THREE episodes of Moonlight (the last three). THREE! and I have never been more hooked to a show. I had set up my DVR to record all episodes, but when this one never came on I started googling to see what was going on. Of all the new seasons beginning, I was most looking forward to Moonlight. AND AFTER THREE EPISODES! CBS obviously has no clue what the hell they are doing. BRING MOONLIGHT BACK. YOU KNOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOLDEN WHEN A VIEWER INADVERTANTLY FLIPS THROUGH A CHANNEL AND CATCHES THE LAST FEW EPISODES OF A SEASON AND ALREADY CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE! GET A CLUE!

  • patty

    With all the hype about the new vamp show True Blood you would think that CBS would know better than let Moonlight go.I am writing to CBS woth the following address:
    CBS Entertainment
    c/o Your Favorite Series
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles,CA. 90039-2112
    If any of you want to write to CBS please tell them exactly why you loved this series and why it was your favorite.and most of all BE NICE!

  • Ryan

    I don’t even watch cbs on Fridays anymore. I watched Ghost Whisperer and it sucks this year b/c they got rid of the funny guy and gave him his own show and I stopped watching Numbers the year berore last. Both shows used to be good and now they suck. I don’t even get into new shows anymore. So I haven’t even watched the show that replaced Moonlight. Im am very sad.

  • Ursula

    Oh My Goddddddddddddddd!!!!
    How can people be so stupid to cancel my show.
    I love moonlight.
    That pisses me off.
    And i just now found out about this crap.
    I was hoping it was coming back on.
    You people seriously need to make a second season.
    And if ya’ll say its to damn late well
    there is alot of angry ppl out there wanting this show to come back on.
    And i know damn well you can make up more episodes.
    And hell,Look at csi and ncis.
    And dont fuckin think about taking ncis away cuz that is all i watch on cbs now.
    So plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Find it in yor heart to bring it back for the fans.
    Please please im begging you.I love moonlight so much.
    Your taking away the best show on cbs.I miss it.
    This sucks.
    Im going to go cry in a corner now.

  • Marqueese

    why would they cancelle it, it is one of the best show on cbs we never found out what happend to michs ex-wive

  • patty

    Now that the Ex-List of CBS has cancelled how about putting Moonlight back in that time slot!!!

  • patty

    Moonlight will start airing on SCI-FI January 23rd at 9:00 pm,this is only the reruns of the past season one.Hopefully if this creates enough viewiers it will make a full comeback!Tell everyone that watched it and Loves vamps to tune in!!!

  • Blueiz


    Now SCi-Fi can hopefully will create the new show. I hope so. I so what them!!!!!




    sci fi yes ok please let them put more on i really miss moonlight


    I would Love this show to come back if the viewers increase over the 8 million that watched.Right now the DVD coming out says at the top “complete series”that sounds too much like a conclusion to me.Cross your fingers that it does so well and brings in new people that some smart network snaps it up before the stars of this great show get too far into their own projects!

  • maryam

    damn the cbs guys moonlight was awesome…..dunno wht got into them tht they cancelled it………..

  • patty

    I am disapointed in the Moonlight fans since noone goes to the and puts in thier vote for Moonlight.It is the site that says “most devastating cancellation’ and Jerhico is winning and so is October road.I go there everyday and put in Moonlight.We need to keep our beloved Moonlight alive and hope some smart network will snap it up!!!


    all i can say is keep putting up a good fight for moonlight

  • Bella

    moonlight is the best show ever! i hate cbs for canceling it! if they cancel ghost whisperer too i will never watch their channel again!

  • Luke Savage

    There have been rumblings about canceling Ghost Whisperer but hasn’t been announced. Hopefully Gary Unmarried will flop so they can bring back Jay Mohr.

  • Caren

    I saw the recent postings hinting that the Sci-Fi channel might pick up Moonlight.; I really hope they do. The only problem I see in that is that some of the actors have moved on to other projects. And what really makes me outraged it that CBS signed Alex to a talent deal for one year holding him “prisoner” from doing other shows. They are supposedly working on a new show with him as the main actor in the series (a new series that is “popular” – what the hell was wrong with Moonlight – it was more that popular). All I’ve seen is that CBS cancelled Moonlight (the greatest new show in years on any network) and having Alex disappear from all TV shows which could not be the greatest thing for his rising stardom. This really is unfair to Alex and all of his fans…Do you think that the management at CBS were ex-Wall Street or Auto Execs? They seem to have alot of management styles in common – very poor ones. So not only did they cancel Moonlight (which was a stupid decision – and HBO’s “True Blood” doesn’t even hold a candle to Moonlight); they have also been been holding Alex hostage so his fans don’t even get to see him in other productions. Caren

  • patty

    Well said Caren,I totally agree with you.Even if the ratings go up on SCI-FI with Moonlight on there,the characters have probably moved on to other projects and will have no interest in being part of Moonlight.Or they will be under contract somewhere else.All we can do is hope that the ratings sky rocket and a movie be made.That is what Alex wants as he was quoted as saying that fans should write to:
    Mr.Joel Silver
    4000 Warner Blvd.,Building 90
    Burbank,CA. 91522
    Tell him why you Love this show and why you would like a movie made with the entire cast.
    I did hope it pans out!

  • patty

    CBS needs to that they jumped the shark by lwtting Moonlight go when there is so much hype still about Vamps.Check out People choice award website in the buzz polls for all the buzz aobut Moonlight as well as all your other favorites.

  • Victoria

    moonlight was my favorite show I have ever seen and that is saying something. I don’t watch tv at all any more. that was the only show I watched because it was one of the few shows that wasnt a pointless reality show. moonlight was an entertaing show and I loved it. I will never watch CBS again. I hope CBS is satisfied with having only pathetic viewers who only care about fake “reality” shows and completely pointless game shows. I have lost all respect for CBS.

  • patty

    Hope all Moonlight fans watch SciFi Jan.23rd at 9:00 for the return of Moonlight reruns!And don’t forget to thank SciFi for putting it on!


    moonlight just came out on dvd but i will still watch it on scifi

  • patty

    I just recieved my Moonlight on DVD today but nothing will keep me from watching it on tv Friday Jan 23rd on SciFi!Unforunately there will be no further episodes that will be new since the DVD says at the top “The Complete Series”,hopefully a movie will air sometime especially if alot of people write to Joel Silver for it.

  • Sandy

    I have read every post about how you all feel about Moonlight having been canceled; I couldn’t agree more with all of you. My husband and I looked forward to CBS on Friday nights. Each show left me with such a good feeling. I couldn’t wait until the next week to see if Mick and Beth would kiss. I loved the character of Joseph, Micks best friend, and the guy who worked in the morgue who was Micks “supplier”. It was all so classic and you had to go and ruin it CBS. I have never, ever been so horribly disappointed that a show was canceled than this one.
    I never even heard of why CBS canceled it. Don’t tell me it was ratings because I know everyone LOVED that show, just read all the posts before mine. You have left a lot of people angry and disappointed and hopefully you will look into WHATEVER it takes to bring the people to this show back and start off where they left off. In times like these where even strong companies like yours can be hurt by the lack of commitment by the viewers, I’d take all of our complaints serious.

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  • daedae

    i have never mest a eposode of moonlight. send me mail why cbs cancelled moonlight. i loved moonlight. i relly looked forword to not messing moonlight. i loved all the moonlight eposods. so why did cbs cancell moonlight. if you send me the adresse to me and i well send cbs a note and one of my pics of moonlight.

  • jennifer

    this sucks..i just started watching this show..and they go and cancel it on me :( there anyway to bring it back??

  • patty

    I love watching the mini marathon of Moonlight of SCIFI thursday nites,please bug Joel Silver for a Movie b/c we will never get Moonlight back.


    I love this show and record all the epsiodes even if i watch them at the is it going to end because i watch it on scifi.will mich and beth ever get together or not .like to know.why cant scifi take it over huh.rather have that than there ghost hunters series please.

  • June

    They are not going to finish Moonlight because Alex has a new series coming this fall called Three Rivers. A quick preview shows him in a hospital but that’s all I know. I wish Moonlight would come back too. I loved the relationship that was blossoming between Mick and Beth!!!
    Here is a link to the trailer!!!

  • patty

    It doesn’t hurt to hope and ask Joel Sliver for a Movie.

  • Lena

    My god. I’m from spain and moonligth it’s now beguinning here, only 2 episodes and I ear that it’s over!!! what?? are they crazy?? it’s one of the best tv shows I seen before!!

  • You know huge public opinion brought back Family guy and I strongly feel we can do the same. My first episode got me hook. There hasn’t been a show like this since x-files!!! Maybe fox should pick up on this. Besides who’s watching warehouse 13 and prime evil(British import) I for one will boycot with much anguish, the sci-fi channel and urge my fellow MOONLIGHT heroes to do the same. Please, share your opinions to CBS (Cares.Bout.Same(thing)) and write to Fox to pick up on this great show!!!Good luck and lets get this MOONLIGHT show back on the air. jose antonio c.

  • Kayla

    What moonlight cancelled but why its not fair just 1 season isnt enough

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  • Gilbert

    cancelling moonlight!you should be ashamed of yourself CBS.I dnt understand how someone wants to to just let go of a successful thing.


    man they just need to make a movie

  • Jamie Bain

    Watching Twilight over shoulders of my kids for umpteenth time on DVD. Who is the executive jackass(es) at CBS who knew better and cancelled Moonlight? Good cast, good formula, lots of potential….maybe too bright or complicated for general American public….

  • patty


  • jay

    The first season of Moonlight has just finished here in the UK on Virgin-1 and i appalled to hear that’s it no more it’s been cancelled by the US based network…

    Bugger !!! is all i can say, yet again that’s another great US TV series that hit the skids way, way to early and we won’t be seeing any more along with:

    Terminator (The Sarah Conner Chronicles)
    Dirty Sexy Money,
    The Unit,
    That one about troops in Iraq can’t remember the name
    My Name is Earl

    Need i go on, i think you get the idea..

    All excellent shows, in their own right, but now vanished forever, while we get sado and mostly crap reality TV shows, and soaps, shoved down our throats for years and years, i for one am sick of it.

  • Vampire Moonlight Lover

    Why, why, why did you have to do that? So many people miss and love the show! Please bring it back!

  • lett


  • Amy

    Why do they cancel all the good shows?! First it was Blood Ties and now Moonlight; whatever will be cancelled next?

  • angel

    i know how you feel you start watching something good and then its like sorry we change ouer minds hahahaha it makes me really mad

  • L.F.

    In my opinion it’s not right to cancel Moonlight.
    Why does such a great series? All people I asked told me, that Moonlight was a way better than the popular film Twilight. Million of people liked this show, not only the americans…german, british, french and a lot more. They looked forward to see this show with its great actors.They wanted to know how the story went on.
    Maybe one can think, that the end of the first season can be seen as an end for the whole series too, but I don’t think so. It can’t end like this. That’s not fair. When you cancel the series, than please write a book or something, so that the loyal viewers know how it really ends. If it’s because of money, than please be so fair and honorable and write the story down, so we can read it.
    Shouldn’t it be a honor for the person, who had the idea for the story, that so many people liked it?
    Maybe this writing of me will never reach those who are supposed to read it. But perhaps there is a chance, that one day there will be someone who find this letter of me and thinks about how to thank all those loyal viewers. Because even though the show is canceled, there are still people who watch it…and like it.
    I know that my letter might not help to get the show back but I had to try it at least, Because I don’t know what someone like me can do.
    I don’t know if it will be helpful, but if you, who read this text, want the show to go on, you could copie it and post it in forums and so one, than maybe someone will really see it, how we all worked together to get Moonlight, that we love, back!

    written by L.F.
    wednesday, 22th.september.2010

  • Gail542370

    come on cbs we have had enough of charlie sheen and two in a half men take it off and spend the money getting all the cast of moonlight back.

  • ATX

    just discovered Moonlight recently and cannot believe it was canceled.  An absurd, short-sighted & foolish decision on the part of CBS.  FAIL.