MY NAME IS EARL – “Girl Earl” (S03E20) Episode Info & Pictures

Ethan Suplee as Randy, Jason Lee as Earl

In tonight’s new episode of MY NAME IS EARL, “Girl Earl,” Billie and Earl begin their new relationship. I am really happy to see more of Alyssa Milano, I think she just fits so well as Earl’s new girlfriend. This is a great addition to the cast and I hope she sticks around for a while. And now that she has her own list, there is a whole new sea of things to make up for. Let’s find out how it turns out tonight.

Don’t forget to watch My Name Is Earl “Girl Earl” tonight, May 8, at 8pm on NBC.

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Episode Synopsis: “Girl Earl” – After karma leads Earl (Jason Lee) back to Billie (Alyssa Milano), they decide that they were meant to give their relationship a chance. Billie is inspired by Earl’s good deeds and creates a karma list of her own. On her list is a champion grocery bagger that both Billie and Earl previously stole from so they decide to track him down to make things right. After they find the grocery bagger completely down and out, Earl quickly discovers another side of Billie and what being in a relationship with her is really like.

Jason Lee as Earl, John Heder as Joel Ethan Suplee as Randy, Jason Lee as Earl

John Heder as Joel Jason Lee as Earl

Nadine Velazquez as Catalina, Ethan Suplee as Randy

(Photos: Mitch Haddad)