GHOST WHISPERER – “Stranglehold” (S03E17) Pictures and Video

Martin Donovan as Tom Gordon and Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda

I have to admit that I am sort of excited about this week’s episode of GHOST WHISPERER, “Stranglehold,” because we are finally going to meet Melinda’s father. Ever since last season’s finale, I have been wondering what the deal was with that. Hopefully we get some answers.

Don’t forget to watch Ghost Whisperer “Stranglehold” Friday, May 9, at 8pm on CBS.

For now check out a promo and more pictures for Ghost Whisperer “Stranglehold” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Stranglehold” – After Melinda is mysteriously given the file number of a murder case her father prosecuted in 1979, she embarks on a quest to determine if the young victim’s murder or trial is tied to her father’s long-ago disappearance.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda

(Photos: Vivian Zink/ABC Studios ©2008 ABC Studios Television. All Rights Reserved)