MOONLIGHT “What’s Left Behind” (S01E15) – Preview Clips Video

Alex O'Loughlin

Today must be Christmas because I have two preview clips from MOONLIGHT‘s all new episode “What’s Left Behind” to share with you. Now what do you say to that?

This is the episode that they were filming during our set visit.

Alex O’Loughlin actually spilled a few secrets from the episode, unfortunately I am not allowed to disclose them, but I can tell you that it has made me excited about the episode ever since. The episode features the army version of Mick that you can see in the picture above taken during that set visit.

Synopsis: Beth learns more about Mick’s secretive past when the grandson of Mick’s WWII war buddy is kidnapped.

Don’t forget to watch Moonlight‘s new episode this Friday, May 9, at 9pm on CBS.

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And now enjoy the two preview clips back to back in the video below!