Review: THE HILLS “No Place Like Home” (S03E31)

The Hills

I have a lot to complain about this week and I’m not sure where to start. First, let me just say how shocked I was that the Alkaline Trio made an appearance on the show. They must have owed somebody a gigantic favor. They are probably the only band to appear on this show that didn’t need the publicity of the Hills. They’ve put out like 6 albums, gone gold and made millions selling out venues all over the world; and all without major label help or much publicity.

So a message to LC and LO: show a little respect, will ya? These guys have been making music for like 12 years so when you get invited to watch one of their recordings, it’s them doing you a favor, not the other way around. At least stay for 5-10 minutes, even if it’s not your thing. There are some of us that would kill for the chance to watch them record, and you trollops flipped through your blackberries for like 5 seconds and then bolted.

Lo (does anybody know her real name btw?) is FO SHO feelin threatened by Audrina. First she blows off the recording, and did anyone catch her little remark about how their new puppy would have “two mommies”, would it have hurt her to say three? She wants so badly to show Audrina that she is LC’s best friend. I feel sorry for Audrina because like the rest of us, she probably thought that she was done dealing with this stuff after she got out of the 4th grade.

What I want to see next week: Audrina move in with Heidi