Review: AMERICAN IDOL “Top 4 Finalists Compete”

It’s down to the Top 4! Tonight on AMERICAN IDOL, the contestants performed Rock N’ Roll songs. Let’s find out how everybody did.

1. David Cook

David Cook

Thoughts: “Baba O’Riley” – I guess it was ok, nothing to jump up and down about but a good performance.

“Hungry Like The Wolf” – That was great! This is the David Cook I have come to love! This guy is making it to the finals for sure.

Rating: “Baba O’Riley” – 2/4

“Hungry Like The Wolf” – 4/4


2. Syesha Mercado

Syesha Mercado

Thoughts: “Proud Mary” – I thought that was a really fun performance. I really liked it. Girl’s got moves!

“Change Is Gonna Come” – I really liked this performance too! Syesha has really gotten better and better week after week and I have to say I have enjoyed her from the beginning so I’m glad she sticked around.

Rating: “Proud Mary” – 3/4

“Change Is Gonna Come” – 3/4


3. Jason Castro

Jason Castro

Thoughts: “I Shot the Sheriff” – I didn’t like it that much. Didn’t really work for me.

“Mister Tambourine Man” – I really liked that second performance. Apart from him forgetting the lyrics it was really good. I just really like Jason in general. I don’t know why the judges didn’t like it.

Rating: “I Shot the Sheriff” – 1/4

“Mister Tambourine Man” – 3/4


4. David Archuleta

David Archuleta

Thoughts: “Stand By Me” – I loved it! Wow that was amazing. Definitely the best of round one.

“Love Me Tender” – That was so sweet. If I was a little younger I might swoon over him.

Rating: “Stand By Me” – 4/4

“Love Me Tender” –


So who’s going home? Well it’s really between Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado at this point. If we are being honest, based on tonight’s performance, Jason should go home. But I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out tomorrow.