Procedural Update: BONES – “Verdict in the Story” (S03E13) Review

Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

Tonight’s TV episode of BONES‘s “Verdict in the Story” just ended. Here’s a quick review:

The Good
Aside from the heavy subject of the murder trial, this episode was pretty funny, especially the parts with Sweets desperately clinging to Bones and Booth. I like that they found a clever way to keep him on. Yay for “Doctor Geek”!

The Bad
Ok, the part with Angela Montenegro refusing to testify was so not believable. First, I think it makes her look bad because she is not doing her job. Did she not read the job description when she took this job? It didn’t say “gather evidence and testify on it only when morally convenient”. Second, her reasoning of “not sending Best friends’ father to prison” makes no sense. She’s no sending him to prison, HE is doing it himself. It’s kind of the side effect of murdering people.

The Ugly
This actually pissed me off. *SPOILER ALERT* There is no way the dad should have gotten away with it. That last defense ploy was not believable. Procedurally speaking, it was not a very logical leap to see Bones painted as the potential killer. Law & Order would have never let that go.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode at least until the end. Next week, we should see our boy Ace Young from American Idol come as a guest star on Bones. Lord help us, American Idol is bleeding over into the other Fox shows.