Early Review: ROBIN HOOD “The Booby and the Beast” (S02E02)

Dexter Fletcher as Count Friedrich and Lucy Griffiths as Marian

Is it not fun to have ROBIN HOOD back? Tonight’s second new episode, “The Booby and the Beast,” is another fun one.

Robin tries to steal more treasure from the Sheriff’s new Strong Room. But it turns out to be a harder challenge than initially anticipated.

Marian on her side finds herself sort of attracted to Prince Frederick of Hanheim, who was invited to the castle to play in the newly built casino (talk about anachronism, but it’s really fun to watch).

All and all the episode achieves a great sort of split story between Robin and Co. trying to break into the castle and Marian and Prince Frederick setting up their own deceiving plan against the Sheriff.

And of course the Sheriff and Guy of Gisbourne are as evil as ever, and we love it!

Dexter Fletcher is great in the role of Prince Frederick of Hanheim, and he brings an additional layer of fun.

I repeat it, Robin Hood is a great show to watch for some really great entertainment, so don’t forget to watch it tonight, May 3, at 9pm on BBC America.

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