Review: THE HILLS “A Date With The Past” (S03E30)

The Hills

Not a very eventful episode of THE HILLS this week. The girls (LC, Lo, and Audrina) throw a house warming party and despite the fact that guests included Justin Bobby and Brody’s new girlfriend; the shin dig was surprisingly drama free. Steven, LC’s ex from high school (and Laguna Beach) also made an appearance and invited her to dinner the following night. Lauren admits to Lo that she never stopped having feelings for Steven. Comedy ensues when LC gets all dolled up expecting to rekindle with an old flame, and Steven shows up in jeans and a hoodie looking very much like he just wanted to catch up with an old friend. This is confirmed when over dinner he makes it clear that things between them are strictly “platonic”. Normally I wouldn’t find this so funny, but given the way LC has been treating everyone these days, I’m chalking this up to Karma.

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