Review: DOCTOR WHO “Partners in Crime” (S04E01)

Doctor Who - David Tennant as The Doctor, Catherine Tate as Donna Noble

DOCTOR WHO is back!

What is probably my favorite TV show on television returned last Friday for a whole new fourth season. David Tennant has put back his Doctor shoes (well I’m not sure technically he has special Doctor shoes, but you get the point) and found a new partner in crime (pun not intended), Donna (Catherine Tate).

I have to say that I am always saddened when a partner of the Doctor leaves, but so far the replacements have been pretty good. Even though none of them can replace the previous partner, each of them bring their own personality and have their own relationship with the Doctor. And so Donna made her technically second appearance (she was also in “The Runaway Bride”) in Doctor Who. And even though she can’t replace Rose or Martha, she fits just right in as a different, fun, new partner.

The scene where the Doctor and her finally see each other was hilarious. I think it definitely helped in my accepting of her as the new partner.

Oh and is it wrong that I found the “fat” babies cute?

Overall it was a great season opener, the Doctor saved the day once more and just can’t wait to see what other new adventures the Doctor and Donna will get into this season.

Finally I would like to say, what is the deal with Rose being back at the end of the episode?!!! Could she be back in future episodes? Does that mean we are going to get the emotional reunion I was hoping for?

Don’t forget to watch Doctor Who Fridays at 9pm on Sci Fi.