Procedural Update: NCIS “In The Zone” (S05E15) Review

Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, and Cote de Pablo

This week on NCIS “In The Zone”, Tony and Jardine go to Bagdad’s green zone to investigate a Marine’s murder. Here is our review of this NCIS episode:

The Good
It was a treat to see more of the character of Jardine. I always liked her character and wished that they would give her more screentime. Hopefully, this will resonate with the audience as well.
I also liked to see Ziva show her jealous side when Tony and Jardine are hanging out together in Iraq.

The Bad
The actual murder plot was a little too convoluted for my taste. There are plot holes as big as the grand canyon on this one. *SPOILER ALERT* Like how did the contractor manage to set up the elaborate plan to kill the marine? He’s a freaking contractor, not a military genius.

The Ugly
The story line of Jardine and the Iraqi kids was not believable. If your dad was killed by the US army while he was trying to help a US soldier, would you be all chummy with the sister of said-soldier. I know I am knit-picking but still

Overall, this NCIS episode was just slightly above average. It could have been improved if the murder plot was more believable.