Not Going Out - Tim Vine, Lee Mack and Megan Dodds

BBC America just sent us the first three episodes of a new sitcom coming NOT GOING OUT.

Here is the premise of the show:

While Lee, unburdened by ambition or drive, drifts from one ill-advised job to another, he’s quite happy to live off Kate’s goodwill and generosity — even if that means occasionally having to eat her disgustingly-healthy home cooking. In the season premiere, Kate tries to make Lee choose a career path. She’s determined to push him into making something of his life — but when she suggests Clown School, she ends up attending classes herself, with unintentionally hilarious results. Meanwhile, to prove he can be taken seriously, Lee agrees to go on a date with an earnest author whose book was published by Kate’s company. While Lee’s away, Tim tries to convince Kate he’s made a mistake — especially now that he’s seen Kate’s rapidly-blossoming friendship with Lee.

Here is our review of this new TV show:

American writers could learn a thing or two from this show. This is exactly what sitcoms should be all about. Funny, edgy, uncompromising and ultimately the right kind of distraction. These Brits truly know how to make anything sound and look funny so we know that this show can do very well here in the US. A must-watch!

Not Going Out premieres May 20 at 8:40pm on BBC America, so check back for more episode reviews. Season two will also immediately follow season one starting on July 8.