Early Review: ROBIN HOOD “Sisterhood” (S02E01)

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood

ROBIN HOOD and his gang of Outlaws are back. Watch out Sheriff!

After a very exciting first season, Robin Hood is back for its second season starting tonight at 9pm on BBC America (it takes the time slot of Torchwood).

In the first episode back, some time has passed since Marian left Guy of Gisbourne at the altar, but his bad feelings towards her still linger on. Knighton Hall is burnt to the ground and Marian and her father are brought to the Sheriff and put under house arrest.

The Sheriff continues with his plans to overthrow King Richard and brings in his sister to help him.

These two also set up a trap for Robin Hood, which he finds hard to resist.

Allan-a-Dale also plays a major part in the episode, and his decisions will most likely lead to some interesting episodes for the rest of the season. I think it adds a new dimension to the series and I am curious to see it unfold.

Overall, I found this episode very exciting. It is a perfect season 2 opener and it sets the tone for the whole season.

There is lots of action and seemingly impossible to escape situations, but once again the villains will be defeated. And let’s not forget humor and romance.

What I love about Robin Hood is that because it is a TV show, you get to see it every week. Plus it is such a great show to watch on Saturdays.

The actors are all really great and the villains are so fun to watch. Jonas Armstrong is a great Robin Hood. He brings lots of personality to a character that is very well known and still manages to make him appealing.

If you are a fan of Robin Hood, then you need to give the Robin Hood series a chance.

Don’t forget to watch Robin Hood tonight, April 26, at 9pm on BBC America.