ROBIN HOOD – Season 2 Gallery Pictures

Robin Hood

The Brits get it right once more with the TV series, ROBIN HOOD. After catching up on season 1 recently (I had started watching season 1 when it first aired but never got around to watch the full season), I have to say that I am really excited to see what new surprises season 2 has in store for us. In fact I have already seen the first two episodes (I’ll talk more about the episodes in my review) and let me tell you that if you enjoyed season 1, then you will really like season 2 as well. At least from the look of it, I can already tell that they are moving forward with the stories and developing the characters even more. Plus, I spoke with Richard Armitage (who plays Guy of Guisbourne) and he mentioned that episode 13 (the season 2 finale) was one of his favorites this season. I will have his interview up soon, so keep an eye out for it as well.

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of Robin Hood season two tonight, April 26, at 9pm on BBC America.

For now check out more pretty gallery pictures of Robin Hood below.

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Robin Hood played by Jonas Armstrong Marian played by Lucy Griffiths

Sheriff of Nottingham played by Keith Allen Sir Guy of Gisbourne played by Richard Armitage

Much played by Sam Troughton Little John played by Gordon Kennedy

Allan a Dale played by Joe Armstrong Will Scarlett played by Harry Lloyd

Djaq played by Anjali Jay

(Photos: Tiger Aspects 2007)