Review: THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES “Revenge of the Slitheen” (S01E02)

The Sarah Jane Adventures

THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES is what I call a feel-good TV show, and tonight we get two all new episodes. The first one is the conclusion of “Revenge of the Slitheen,” the second one is “Eye of the Gorgon.”

Since I have seen the conclusion from “Revenge of the Slitheen,” I am going to talk about this episode a little bit.

The first episode, which aired last week, sort of set up the new “case” Sarah Jane Smith and her young gang are working on. And for Doctor Who fans, we also got the return of the Slitheen trying to take over Earth,…again.

The conclusion is full of running, fighting, wits, and what you would expect from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

You can sort of guess how it all works out in the end, but of course the fun is in discovering how the gang gets out of these seemingly hopeless situations.

I also would like to mention that the addition of Clyde to the gang is very welcome. Clyde sort of represents us, the audience, as we are trying to grasp this out of this world story, and I think in the future he will prove to be a very good ally.

Even though The Sarah Jane Adventures is no Doctor Who, I think it’s a great and fun show to watch on a Friday night, and the best part is that tonight it is followed by the season 4 premiere of Doctor Who (since last week was really a special Christmas episode). These two shows complement each other perfectly. Plus I am always up for some Alien fighting!

So don’t forget to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures tonight starting at 8pm on Sci-fi, followed by Doctor Who at 9pm.