Procedural Update: NCIS “Internal Affairs” (S05E14) Review

Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, and Pauley Perrette

This week on NCIS “Internal Affairs” the roles were reversed because the team was being investigated for the murder of La Grenouille. Here’s my review of this episode:

The Good
Ziva and Tony had the most cold-blooded lines of the episode:
– Ziva saying “Be a man” to Tony (When you know, she wishes he would be a man to her)
– Tony saying “No” when Jeanne asks him if he ever had feelings for her (when you know he really had feelings)
These are the moments in NCIS where I think the characters are truly shown for who they are, genuinely decent people who do not hesitate to sacrifice their emotions for the greater good. Just loved it.

The Bad
Ok, was it just me or did Jeanne just cave in a little too easily to Jenny’s interrogation? No offense, but Jenny’s no Gibbs.

The Ugly
Well, I really hated that….Hell, I can’t come up with anything. There was nothing to hate about this episode.

Overall, Stellar episode. Loved it!

What did you guys think?