Early Review: ABC Family’s PRINCESS

Princess - Nora Zehetner and Kip Pardue

Tonight, April 20, at 8pm, ABC Family premieres its original movie, PRINCESS. As you might have guessed the story is about a princess, but unlike other princess stories, this one does not follow all the usual fairytales guidelines, which made it quite a pleasure to watch.

Princess follows the story of William, a young man unsure of where his life is going, who meets and falls for the mysterious Princess Ithaca at a ball, held at the castle where she lives. Through a case of apparent mistaken identity and attraction for each other, William and the Princess are thrown into an adventure together that will leave both of them changed forever.

This original two-hour movie stars Nora Zehetner, who some of you might recognize from Heroes and Everwood, as Princess Ithaca, and Kip Pardue, whom you might recognize from Remember the Titans, as William.

I will admit that fairytales always get me, and even though most of the time I am a little disappointed by their stories when made for television, I will say that Princess was quite refreshing to watch. Its story was unpredictable for the most part, the actors were a joy to watch, and the visuals were very beautiful.

The mix between the magical and real world was done in a non-forced way and I think that this is a perfect Sunday night feel-good movie.

So if you don’t know what to watch tonight, or just feel like spending two magical hours in front of the TV, then watch Princess on ABC Family at 8pm. There is an encore presentation at 10pm as well.

You can watch a few promos and a music video from Princess here.

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