Review: THE OFFICE “The Chairmodel” (S04E10)

THE OFFICE - John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in “Parking”

Compared to last week, this week’s episode of THE OFFICE, “The Chairmodel” can be called a real Office episode. Not only did they spend time in the actual office, the dynamic between all the characters is back and the way we love it.

Finally, tonight we got a worthy Pam and Jim moment. I have been upset since the beginning of the season that they sort of skipped the whole Pam and Jim actually getting together to them being in a relationship already. I just felt the moments that we loved between them weren’t as great anymore.

But not tonight, tonight we got a few of the old Jim and Pam moments that I love! Between Jim teasing Pam about him proposing to him actually getting on his knees just to then tie his shoe, were you just dying?! To top it all, the fact that he already has a ring is just perfect. Although, if I play devil’s advocate, I will say that they might not want to hurry the proposal because once they get engaged and married then where do you go from there? But then again, there can be so much drama created until then, so I don’t think we need to worry about that.

Point is, Jim and Pam are back!

The there is Michael, dear old Michael who is now single again and back to his old shenanigans. Only Michael could get upset about losing the “love of his life” even though he never even met her. Oh yeah, Michael is back!

Finally the whole Andy and Kevin trying to get their parking spaces back was pretty fun as well, although not as exciting as the other stories.

Overall I am left feeling very satisfied with tonight’s new episode of The Office.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy it more or less than last week?