Review: THE HILLS “Girls Night Out” (S3E28)

The Hills

Heidi organizes a girls night out to get over her ex-boyfriend (sort of) Spencer Pratt. The only problem is that she no longer has any girlfriends, well, except for here ex-boyfriend’s sister (Stephanie) and Audrina (who she wasn’t speaking with until last week’s episode).

The fun starts when Spencer decides to crash the girl’s night out by showing up at the bar to flirt and do shots with other girls. I was sort of hoping Heidi would’ve gone up and been like “We are on relationship vacation, not retirement biatch!” and then maybe like punch him in the beard, but no. This is MTV and these girls are half retarded; so the most Spencer got for his hijinx was a stern talking to from Heidi.

Lauren was sort of boring this episode. She helps Whitney out at her new job, gets offered a job herself, and is pissed at Audrina for talking to Heidi. Can’t wait for next week!