Review: THE RICHES “Trust Never Sleeps” (S02E05)

The Riches - Eddie Izzard as Wayne Malloy and Minnie Driver as Dahlia Malloy

Tonight THE RICHES returns with a whole new episode, “Trust Never Sleeps” at 10pm on FX.

Since I have already seen the episode, I wanted to make sure to let you know how good it is. So far I have really been impressed by Season 2. The characters have evolved in this new world they invaded and unfortunately it’s not the American Dream they were hoping for.

This season Dahlia and Wayne have sort of each gone their own ways and try to deal with their new lives the best way they know how.

In tonight’s episode, we get a little more into the after effects of Dahlia’s decision to report to her parole officer. Obviously, this probably wasn’t the smartest decision since now she has to juggle two jobs and places to live. But I think it fits perfectly with Dahlia trying to become a better person.

Wayne has his own stuff to deal with, especially with Pete’s disappearance raising suspicions. Dale and him have their hands full in tonight’s episode. Unfortunately, what Wayne doesn’t realize is by trying to do what’s best for his family, he is becoming more and more estranged from them.

The best part of tonight’s episode is probably Sam getting more face time and actually taking part in some of the events, without just being a follower.

Finally, Cael after leaving last episode, finds himself back on the road and reunites with his Traveler’s roots.

This episode is one of the final three of the season and so far, it is one of my favorite. It really encompasses everything that season 2 is. Don’t forget to watch The Riches tonight at 10pm on FX.