Procedural Update: NCIS “Dog Tags” (S5E13) Review

NCIS - Pauley Perrette as Abby in “Dog Tags”

This week’s NCIS episode has a four-legged guest star that has caught the Abby’s eye. Here is our review of the NCIS episode “Dog Tags”:

The Good
The dynamic is back, people. Gibbs being Gibbs is always fun to watch. I also thought it was kind of funny how he walks on egg shells around Abby. I also thought the Jenny story line is getting really interesting. Based on next week’s NCIS promo, we might find out a whole lot more.

The Bad
Is it just me or is Tony sometimes a real dick? I mean, someone gets almost chewed up by a dog; you don’t play pranks on them that reminds them of the incident. I usually like how DiNozzo can laugh about anything but this kinda crossed the line for me.

The Ugly
Now, I realize that it was about time to give Pauly Perette’s character more screen time but this story line was kind of annoying to me. She was so convinced that the dog was innocent that she broke the rules. However I felt that we never got a clear explanation on why she was so convinced she was right. Seriously, “look at his eyes” is not a good argument. At least if he was a look-alike of a favorite family pet, I would have bought it. This was a miss for me.

Overall, a pretty fun episode that definitely did its job of entertaining me.

What did you guys think?