With the return on GOSSIP GIRL on Monday, April 21, The CW has put lots of effort behind its new racy campaign OMFG (apparently the F will be removed depending on where the ad appears).

It looks like The CW is trying to make itself out as the new FX, and if you didn’t know anything about Gossip Girl, you might be intrigued by the ads. But let’s be honest here, Gossip Girl will most likely not use the F-word at any point during the new episodes and is not exactly what the ads make it out to be.

But as a fan of the show, I have to say that the ads are pretty fun to watch. You can check out the print and video versions below.

In addition, check out a Josh Schwarts Behind-the-scenes Interview, some highlights from the Paley Festival 2008 Gossip Girl Panel, and a promo for the return of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl OMFG
Gossip Girl OMFG