Review: DIRT “In Lieu of Flowers…” (S02E07)

Dirt - Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller

Don’t forget that tonight, April 13, is the DIRT season 2 finale on FX at 10pm.

I have already seen the episode and so wanted to write a quick review about it before it airs tonight.

First of all, I would like to say that I have really enjoyed this second season of Dirt, I think they moved forward into the story and didn’t just repeat season 1.

We already see a difference between the Don and Lucy relationship, where Don is not willing to do everything it takes anymore to get the shot.

Lucy cannot fight her feelings for Holt anymore, which would have never happened in season 1.

Dirt is growing and so are its characters.

Moving on to tonight’s finale.

A few relationships are explored a bit further, although not as far as I would have liked, which will probably be for next season.

A tragedy hits Lucy’s family, which is sort of the focus of the episode.

And, there is one shocker (at least to me) in the episode about one character who might not be coming back. I won’t say much more, so you’ll need to tune in to find out what exactly I am talking about.

However, even though this is the season finale, it doesn’t deliver a big shocker at the end of the episode like the one from last year. Unfortunately that is due to the fact that episode seven, “In Lieu of Flowers…”, was not supposed to be the season finale, but because of the strike, the season was cut short.

But, was it enough for me to tune in again next season? Yes, definitely. They do leave a few storylines open that I am curious about. And so, for an episode that wasn’t supposed to be a finale, I think it holds up pretty well.

If you have enjoyed Dirt this season, then you will absolutely enjoy tonight’s episode.