AMERICAN IDOL “1 of 8 Voted Off”

American Idol - Bottom 3 Top 8

AMERICAN IDOL Season 7 eliminated one more contestant, and mind you it was not the one I, or anybody for that matter, was expecting at all.

So who went home? Michael Johns

American Idol - Michael Johns

That’s right it wasn’t Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado or Carly Smithson, but someone I thought for sure was safe, Michael Johns.

From the look on Michael Johns’ face it’s clear that he wasn’t expecting to go home either. This is the craziest thing because it’s the second week that someone who had never been in the bottom three goes home (last week was Ramiele Maluby). At least we can’t say that American Idol is predictable.

I cannot wait to see who goes home next week.

So here is your Top 7 American Idol!

American Idol - Top 7