The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Emily Watson as Caroline Gil, Gretchen Mol as Norah Henry, and Dermot Mulroney as Dr. David Henry

THE MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER is a new original Lifetime movie which airs tonight at 9pm.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is based on the critically-aclaimed novel of the same name.

The story follows two families connected by unfortunate events. One night Dr. David Henry delivers his own twins only to find out that his daughter has Down Syndrome. He decides to have the nurse, Caroline Gil, bring the baby in an institution and tell his wife, Norah, that the baby died during childbirth. When Caroline sees the horrible conditions in which the institution “takes care” of its patients, she can’t bring herself to leave the child there. Caroline disappears to another city and raises the baby as her own. While the loss of the child tears David Henry’s family apart, it creates joy in Caroline and her husband’s life.

The story develops as we see each family grow over the years and how this one event shaped the lives of so many people. I felt really engaged by the story and how they related the “paralell” universe between the two families.

The actors are absolutely phenomenal and with a cast consisting of Dermot Mulroney (Dr. David Henry), Emily Watson (Caroline Gil), and Gretchen Mol (Norah Henry), it’s hard to go wrong.

They are able to create a wonderful film that touches our hearts in so many different ways. There is no good or bad, there is just a decision that created much pain, but also lots of joy. I think the film achieves what it sets out to do with passion and love. We are left caring about these characters and what they go through.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter airs tonight, April 12, at 9pm, with Encore airings on April 13 and April 14 at 9pm as well on Lifetime.

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