Review: THE OFFICE “The Dinner Party” (S04E09)

The Office - Steve Carell as Michael Scott

After month of agony without our weekly dose of THE OFFICE, the first post-strike episode, “The Dinner Party” finally aired tonight.

The Good

Jim and Pam’s desperate attempts to get out of the dinner. Jim pretending his apartment flooded and trying to leave Pam there, because let’s face it if there is a chance he can get out of there, he’s going to take it. Unfortunately, Pam wasn’t that supportive… quite understandably. If she has to endure the most awkward night of her life, you can bet Jim will have to endure it with her.

The Bad

Unfortunately, even though there were some funny moments, this episode was not the return I was expecting. It wasn’t the kind of funny I have come to expect from The Office. The whole thing with Dwight felt sort of forced.

The Ugly

I have been having big issues with Jan ever since they sort of turned her into this crazy person. I really enjoyed the character as someone “normal” who for some weird reason was attracted to Michael. It made the dynamic of that relationship so great. But now, I almost feel bad for Michael that he is with her. And I don’t even find her that funny, I mostly feel awkward when she does her crazy things. That transformation really came out of the blue for me, and I really hope they get away from it. Bring back old Jan!

Overall, I am just happy that The Office is back and am looking forward to next week’s episode, “Parking” which should take place in the actual office more.

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