MOONLIGHT – Set Visit & Alex O’Loughlin Interview Preview

This week, I and few other press people were invited to the set of MOONLIGHT, which comes back with new episodes on Friday, April 25, at 9pm on CBS (check out some pictures for the first episode, “Fated to Pretend” here).

We not only got to visit the sets but we interviewed all four actors from the show: Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring, and Eric Winter (who was just added to the cast).

I will have plenty of pictures, videos, interviews, and recaps in the next few days, but I wanted to start off with a little teaser.

Check out two pictures below, one of Alex O’Loughlin (dressed up as a soldier because of the episode they were shooting that day – hint: It’s a flashback!) and Jason Dohring.

Even better, check out a video preview of our interview with Alex O’Loughlin. I will have more similar clips and more details of the entire interviews soon.


Alex O'Loughlin
Jason Dohring

Question: If you became a vampire, which path would you follow? Josef or Mick?

  • Gagagirl

    Loved the video clip of Alex’s interview!!! That talented and beautiful man deserves the finer things in life; we all know he’s done without them. I love how honest he is!!!! And his smiles are simply to die for… You can bet I’ll be checking back here regularly for more details from your visit to the Moonlight set. (God, I envy you! 😉

  • Michelle

    I have died and gone to heaven. Alex in uniform…I’m gonna LOVE this flashback! You need to get the rest up, pronto! 🙂

  • Des

    Great article, charming interview… more please? Great question!

  • Ida

    OMG!!! Sweetness!!!!!! I was about to let out a squeeeee, then I realized I can’t I’m at work, lol. Thanks so much for this. Can Alex be anymore gorgeous in the uniform and the slicked back hair. *swoons*. I can’t wait for the rest of the inteviews. I need for April 25th to get here FAST!!!!!! I’m so moonlight deprived. 🙁

  • Another shameless Doctor Who plug:

    11am, this Friday (April 11), Sci-Fi Channel, another chance to see “The Girl in the Fireplace”, Sophia Myles’ guest appearance in Doctor Who. It’s also one of the best episodes, and won a Hugo award.

    That might ease the wait until the 25th . There’s no Alex mind, but David Tennant has been known to generated the odd fangirl squee.

  • Alex is so charming ! I really enjoy his interviews.

    Thank you for posting all of this info for us. I am looking forward to more clips and details on your site soon : )

  • Pam

    Hahahahah…he’s a great storyteller. Very charming young man. Would very much like to see more of this interview!!

  • Liz

    Is there more of the interview? Will you post it please?? Thank you for doing this, it’s really a treat to see him like this.

  • Cris T

    Alex is so talented! He is a great actor and his voice is sooo smooth! I cant wait to watch the new season of moonlight which will be back in my country (Brazil) one week after Americas…

  • Donna Booth

    ive gone to Heaven ten times over and still havent come back yet wow he looks so sweet and sexy at the time really this guy makes any ladys day

  • Caro B

    Great interview. Alex is so natural and likable. He’s stealing hearts everywhere! The promo shots & the trailer for the new episodes are awesome & making it harder to wait til April 25th! Everyone please watch & help get a Second Season for Moonlight!!

  • Thank you everybody for all the comments and excitement!

    I do have a few more clips from Alex O’Loughlin that I will be putting together over the week-end and should be posted next week.

    I will also have more pictures and clips from the rest of the cast. I just have so much material to work with I need to first sort through them, but they are coming 🙂

  • Love your interview and pictures of Alex – that man so GORGEOUS!!! I love his smile!!

  • Moonlight and Alex used to brighten up my fridays for sure. I was devastated when Moonlight was cancelled. I was reading over on about all the plans that the fans have to try to save the show. Let’s hope they work. Check it out yourself.

  • Judyt

    Eszméletlen, milyen ééédes ez a pasi!!!
    Welcome from Hungary ;o)