Procedural Update: CRIMINAL MINDS “A Higher Power” (S3E15) Review

Criminal Minds - The Team

The CRIMINAL MINDS Team is back tracking a serial killer who is acting like an angel of death. So here is our review of this latest BAU adventure “A Higher Power”:

The Good
Most of the characters were performing just right. Reid was on fire as usual breaking it down in his usual nerdy way. Garcia was being all mellow with her witty remark. Rossi is coming into his role as Team Leader very nicely

The Bad
The story was a little predictable plus they revealed the bad guy way too early on this one.

The Ugly
The actual bad guy in this episode was not very believable. Don’t get me wrong. I usually like Scott Michael Campbell but his character was not a really scary bad guy.

Overall, this was a standard straight to point procedurally acceptable episode of Criminal Minds. I liked it just fine.

What did you guys think?