Review: THE HILLS – “When Spencer Finds Out…” & “Just Be Careful…” (S03E22-23)

The Hills

So the new season of MTV’s THE HILLS is in full swing and I am left wondering if I’m still on Team Lauren? First she picks up a French Justin-Bobby in Paris, burns her free designer dress, and then exclaims that “Paris changes everything”. Now, I grant you there are few places in this world where you can do a week’s work and have it change your life. For example digging ditches in Afghanistan may give you a new perspective on things. Working at Teen Vogue, setting up fashion shows and going to clubs, is basically the same exact thing she was doing In L.A.

Let’s talk about last night’s episode of The Hills. We see Spencer being a total d-bag to Heidi (surprise surprise) as he gets ousted from his casa. Spencer’s sister has a class with Lauren and the two kiss and make up. By the wway, I wonder how Spence is going to feel when he finds out the two are lunching together? And then Lauren gives the cold shoulder to Brody refusing to give him a hug and saying only “Where’s your girlfriend”? The whole thing struck me as very juvenile. The two were not officially going out, and she seemed to get over Brody pretty quick in Paris (French Justin-Bobby). So my feeling about the whole thing is that she should have either let it go, or been an adult and talked to him about it rationally in a 1 on 1 type of scenario. Going off on somebody in public is never a good look. That being said, I am loving the new episodes and can’t wait to find out what happens next!