Procedural Update: NCIS “Stakeout” (S5E12) Review

NCIS - Michael Weatherly as Agent DiNozzo in “Stakeout”

It was a treat to see the NCIS gang back in action in this first post-strike episode. So here is our review of the Return of Gibbs and company:

The Good
The dynamic between the team was as amusing as usual, especially with Ziva spending most of the episode trying to avoid Tony’s tricks. We didn’t see a lot of Abby’s quirkiness although she did manage to throw a few choice one-liners here and there. I liked that they brought in Gretchen Egolf as Detective Andrea Sparr. It’s nice to see a Journeyman alumn back on the little screen (Oh, while we are on the subject of Journeyman, if by any chance there is a NBC network big whig reading this, we have at least 300 people who want to tell you something about cancelling Journeyman)

The Bad
I didn’t feel that Gibbs was fully Gibbs-like. He didn’t even physically “abuse” any of his employees. Look, NCIS writers, Gibbs without the head slaps is like Horatio Cane without his shades; it just doesn’t feel right.

The Ugly
What was up with the director being sick? I know that there are some rumors that one of the characters is leaving the show but at least, I hope they don’t do Lauren Holly like they did Sasha Alexander (Oh yeah, can someone at CBS bring her back to NCIS? They managed to pull it off on Prison Break so you can find a way too. Come on, NCIS writers, I believe in you)

Overall, it was an entertaining NCIS episode and I can’t wait to see what they bring us next week.

What did you guys think?