Review: SON OF THE DRAGON – Hallmark’s New HD Movie

Son of the Dragon - John Reardon as DB and David Carradine as Bird

Hallmark is launching its Movie Channel HD today, April 2, with the premiere of its original movie, SON OF THE DRAGON, at 8pm.

SON OF THE DRAGON is a two-night movie event starring David Carradine, John Reardon, and Rupert Graves.

Son of the Dragon tells the story of Devil Boy, aka DB (Reardon), who was raised by Bird (Carrading), a former warrior. Both of them now want to steal the royal court’s jewels. The Governor is welcoming potential suitors to court in order to win his daughter’s, Princess Li Wei, hand. DB and Bird see this as an opportunity to get closer to their goal and pose as the Prince of the Seven Seas and his lieutenant. However, competition from the Prince of the North (Graves) complicates things a bit.

Son of the Dragon airs its Part One tonight, April 2, at 8pm and its Part Two tomorrow night, April 3, at 8pm.

Son of the Dragon - David Carradine as Bird

The movie was shot entirely in China, and features wonderful landscapes and colors. There are some pretty good fight scenes, especially for a Hallmark movie. It really looks like they put money into making it the best they could.

Son of the Dragon was fun to watch. It is a little different from what you would expect to watch on the Hallmark Channel, but that’s a positive thing. They are expending their reach and trying to appeal to a different audience. Between the fight scenes and the love story, Son of the Dragon also provides comic relief. And may I say it is very welcome.

Son of the Dragon - John Reardon as DB

The very charming John Reardon portrays the loveable DB in such a way that I think he will gain many admirers.

As for David Carradine, he plays to role of mentor/father perfectly.

Overall, it was a nice, fun, and entertaining movie to watch. So if you want to take a break from Network television and feel like watching an action/romance movie, tune in to Son of the Dragon tonight at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel, and watch it for the first time in HD.