Review: DIRT “What Is This Thing Called…” (S02E05)

FX's Dirt

I wanted to do a quick review of last night’s episode DIRT since we are already on episode five.

“What Is This Thing Called…” is one of the best episodes of Dirt so far, especially if you are a fan of the Lucy and Holt relationship. It seems they are ready to start over and maybe even (dare I say the word?) date. A movie star dating the editor-in-chief of a tabloid magazine, now that’s a cover story for Dirt Now.

Ironically, the relationship between Lucy and Don is not doing good. Now that Don is on his medication he seems to understand what part of his job really means to the celebrities he pursues.

The Britney-like character, Sharlee gets lots of sympathy votes from the audience and is seen under a different light than the spotlight we are used to seeing her under, which I really enjoy.

As for Farber and Willa, things are getting pretty steamy between these two. But wait, doesn’t Farber have a girlfriend? Oh what am I talking about, after this is the Dirt world.

The only bad thing I can think of is that there are only two episodes of Dirt left this season.