Lifetime’s THE CAPTURE OF THE GREEN RIVER KILLER – Promo and Featurette

The Capture of the Green River Killer - Tom Cavanagh as David Reichert

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) is going to premiere its 2 nights miniseries, THE CAPTURE OF THE GREEN RIVER KILLER, this week-end starting Sunday at 8pm and on Monday at 8pm.

So what’s the story: For nearly 20 years, the Green River Killer haunted Washington State with a series of shocking murders. The LMN miniseries “The Capture of the Green River Killer” is told through the eyes of one young runaway, Helen “Hel” Remus, whose fate, bad luck and unwise choices lead to her encounter with the notorious serial killer. Leading the hunt for the murderer is Sheriff David Reichert, who becomes so entangled in the case that he’s willing to risk his family and career to find justice for the slain girls. Surprisingly, it’s a meeting with convicted serial killer Ted Bundy that may help Reichert finally find his man. But bringing the largest serial killer in United States history to justice will be anything but easy. Based on the book, “Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer” by Congressman David Reichert.

The Capture of the Green River Killer - James Marsters as Ted Bundy

Now here is the best part, the cast includes Tom Cavanagh, Amy Davidson, Sharon Lawrence, James Russo, and James Marsters (as Ted Bundy!!).

Check out the promo and a featurette documentary below.

The Capture of the Green River Killer‘s Official Website