Sarah Wayne Callies returns to PRISON BREAK

Prison Break - Wentworth Miller as Michael and Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara

HOLY CRAP! How are they going to pull that off????

The Ausiello Report just broke the news that Sarah Wayne Callies will be returning to PRISON BREAK next season as Dr. Sara Tancredi.

Wait a minute, didn’t they decapitate her this season?

Michael Ausiello interviews executive producer, Matt Olmstead, about it:

So… I take it that wasn’t Sara’s head in that box….
Matt Olmstead: Yeah, that wasn’t.

Ok, so how did Lincoln mistake that head (whoever it was) for Sara’s head?

Lincoln glanced at the head in the box for a split second. That could’ve been anyone. He wasn’t about to pull it up from the hair and inspect it closely. And then we were fairly careful thereafter of references we made to that and who took credit for it and what was seen or heard, and we left it fairly [vague].

Still not convinced, didn’t LJ say that he saw Susan cut Sara’s head off?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I am thinking there is going to be some creative writing involved with this return.

Can you say how she’ll be reintroduced next season?
Olmstead: It’s going to be about figuring out what happened to her during that mystery period [between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4], and how she and Michael deal with it.

How much time will have lapsed?
Olmstead: About a month. Enough to jump past expected events that we left hanging at the end of Season 3, answering those things, but also moving forward.

And Sarah is onboard for the entire season?
Olmstead: Yes.

Read the full interview over at TV Guide.

What do you think of this “resuscitation” of Sara?