DOCTOR WHO – Season 4 Preview

DOCTOR WHO is coming back for a fourth season!

And thanks to our reader and Doctor Who fan, Matthew, who sent us some great videos links of previews for the season 4 of Doctor Who.

(Update: Quick update, I forgot to mention that Matthew also created a great Doctor Who Guide, non-spoilery, for Doctor Who novices, and can I say how much fun I had reading it as I was catching up on all three seasons! So check it out here.)

Check out the three videos below.

The first one is the new trailer for season 4 of Doctor Who, which apparently is being shown in British cinemas.

The second video is the preview for season 4 of Doctor Who that was shown at the end of season 3.

Finally, the third video is a compilation of 3 teasers for season 4 of Doctor Who. I was told that there were some minor spoilers in that video, so I haven’t watch it yet.

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the return of The Doctor!

Doctor Who season 4 premieres April 5th on BBC1 in England and on April 18th in the US on Sci-Fi with a 90-Minute Season Premiere.