JOURNEYMAN: Why NBC Cancelled It

Journeyman - Cancelled

Lynette Rice, a Senior Writer from Entertainment Weekly, surmised that the Writers’ Guild strike was the ultimate reason why shows like JOURNEYMAN were ultimately cancelled. She made that comment while being interviewed on KCRW’s “The Business”, hosted by Claude Brodesser-Akner.

According to Rice, the Writers’ strike actually had positive and negative effects for shows that were on “bubble” (ie on the cusp of getting cancelled). On one hand, it saved shows like Dirty Sexy Money from being cancelled and on the other hand, it was the death knell for shows like Cane or Journeyman.

Here’s a clip of Lynette Rice’s KCRW interview talking about Journeyman.


If you want to listen to the entire KCRW show, click here.

Is Lynette Rice right? If she is, would Journeyman have survived the cut if not for the strike? Please share your thoughts.