Review: AX MEN – A new series on the History Channel

The History Channel's Ax Men

I recently took a look at the first episode from the History channel’s new series, AX MEN, and my first reaction was “These guys are crazy!”

Ax Men follows the life of Pacific Northwest timber cutters. The thing you need to know is that this job is dangerous, really dangerous, most of the people working there have had a work related injury or even worse, have seen their friends die on the job. Everyday is a matter of life and death, one single mistake and everything could go wrong.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “but why would they keep working there?” Well, I don’t have an answer to that, but if you are curious to find out more about who these people are, then watching Ax Men is a good place to start.

I am usually not a big fan of reality shows, especially the ones that follow people around because you can always tell that everything is somewhat staged, but with Ax Men, it feels like they really are documenting the lives of these people, which I find very refreshing.

There is some cursing in the show, which I found very genuine because it wasn’t there for a shocking effect, it was just their way of talking when they are on the job – you need to understand, this is a very stressful job. However, I do wonder whether the final airing version will have the words bleeped out or whether they will keep the authenticity of the show in that way.

There isn’t much else I can tell you about Ax Men, because it is really a show you need to experience by watching. Anything I say will not convey what these people go through everyday. You need to see it to believe it. It’s pretty incredible.

Ax Men premieres on Sunday February 9th at 10pm on the History channel.

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Check out two preview for Ax Men below, as well as the official press release.

Press Release:

Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, rugged men make their living doing one of the most dangerous jobs in history… Logging. Their mission: to retrieve timber perched on mountainsides too steep to access with machines. But this is no easy task.

For more than a hundred years, larger than life characters, many of whom are members of logging families that go back to the time when the West was being settled – have spent their days among towering trees and powerful machines and their nights in outposts far from the comforts of civilization. Ax Men will tell remarkable stories detailing the history of the logging industry, showing how technology has transformed life for today’s logger, while the struggle of man versus nature stays the same.

Over the course of thirteen episodes, Ax Men follows four logging crews through a season in the remote forests of northwest Oregon. Plagued by mechanical failures, relentless weather-including a hurricane that ripped through the area- and violent and unpredictable terrain, these brave men risk their lives retrieving the very timber we depend upon to build our country. Snapped cables, runaway logs and treacherous machinery are among the many dangers that threaten the lives and safety everyday. Anything and everything can go wrong on these sites and the price of even the simplest mistake can mean death.