Daemon’s TV on the Radio

Recently, I was invited by Shaun, host of the Shaun O’Mac Radio, to be a guest on his new Radio show about television called “TV Talk.”

And this last Tuesday, March 5, I was on the air with him to talk about (what else) TV. Some of the shows we discussed were Jericho, New Amsterdam, and Medium. It was a really fun experience and I wanted to share it with you. I have embedded the show below so you can listen to it.

You can also go to Shaun O’Mac Radio page and listen to more of his shows live on the net or you can subscribe to his podcast here.

In addition, if you live around Las Vegas, you can catch his show on local Las Vegas radio AM1230 on weekends.

And here is a fun fact: Shaun is the guy who started the nuts drive to CBS for Jericho, so I guess we can thank him for that.