David Tennant to be replaced on DOCTOR WHO

David Tennat and Robert Carlyle

According to SyFy Portal, David Tennant who currently plays the Doctor in DOCTOR WHO, is set to leave the show after completing work for the Doctor Who specials for 2009.

Obviously, we all know how this will be explained in the show (in case you haven’t been following, the Doctor will once again regenerate himself), however the question is, who will become the new Doctor?

While negotiations are still taking place, rumors are that Robert Carlyle is going to step in as the 11th Doctor.

Now here is my dilemma: I absolutely love David Tennant as the Doctor and I am really sad to see him go, but at the same time I think that Robert Carlyle (if the deal goes through) would be amazing as the new Doctor. This is like Sophie’s Choice… but I guess ultimately this is out of my hands.

Update: Here is the original article that released the story if you would like to read it.
In addition, I have come across this article which states that Robert Carlyle has denied ever being approached to be the new Doctor on Doctor Who.