FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Renewed for Season 3!!!

Friday Night Lights

No, this is not a dream, according to Deadline Hollywood, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has been renewed.

Even though Friday Night Lights has not been performing well rating-wise, NBC was able to find a way to renew the show by making a deal with DirecTV which will allow them to share costs. What does the deal mean? Mostly that both NBC and DirecTV “will be airing Friday Night Lights across multipurpose platforms.”

This is a great news! I really thought Friday Night Lights was done, but I guess we should never give up on shows, especially if they are as good as Friday Night Lights.

So far there is no information as to when Friday Night Lights will be back but at least we know that it will be back.

Now the only thing they need to figure out is what they are going to do about all the kids going to college next season.